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Working on the Analyses
  • There will be megathreads for each metagame. You reserve analyses for each respective metagame in said thread. When you reserve an analysis, you have three days (72 hours specifically) to get it out of WIP, or it will be reassigned. If there are IRL issues that are affecting your ability to finish an analysis within the time limit, tell either me or the QC leader of the respective metagame, and we will give you an extension. For example, if I want to reserve Tapu Fini's analysis in AAA, I would post in the AAA megathread with a post saying "reserving Tapu Fini".
  • Wait for a member of the respective QC team of the metagame that you're writing an analysis for to approve your reservation. There are different levels of importance for each Pokemon, so the QC members might want to make sure that a person they trust is getting a certain analysis to ensure the quality-level wanted.
  • When you reserve an analysis, please put "WIP" at the top of the same post to let everybody know that you're still working on the analysis. Try to finish your analysis as soon as possible to allow for more input.
    • Note to QC checkers and am-QC checkers: DO NOT give feedback on an analysis until it's officially marked as "Quality Control". Yes, an analysis might look bland while it's in WIP, but there's a reason why it is in its WIP stage still.

Quality Control
  • Once you feel like your analysis is ready to be checked, edit the "WIP" at the top of your post with "Quality Control". After doing this, make a new post in the respective megathread with a link to the post that your analysis is in (with a message saying "ready for QC" or something) so the QC teams can QC check it. Every analysis requires three QC checks. Write your analysis in bullet points, and after you get the first two QC checks, write it into paragraphs.
  • Even if you're not on the QC team, if you feel like you can contribute useful information to analyses that are missing it, feel free to speak up. If the QC team notices that your work is good and consistent, there's a good chance you'll be added to the QC team of that respective metagame.
  • The QC team is allowed to reject your analysis if they deem it too low of a standard to be fixed with three QC checks, or if it shows obvious lack of knowledge for a metagame. They may also reassign it if they feel that the Pokemon is not ultimately viable in the current metagame or is going to become unviable in the near future.

  • After you get two QC checks, edit the "Quality Control" at the top of your post with "Grammar Ready" and post in THIS THREAD with a link to the post that has your analysis in it. This tells the GP team that your post is ready to be edited to have the grammar / prose appropriated. Every analysis requires one GP check unless the GP checker deems it necessary of another one.
  • Once the analysis has been looked over by a GP member and you've implemented any changes they've made, change the "Grammar Ready" to "Done" and again, make a new post linking your post. This time, however, tag Kris to upload your analysis.

Now obviously, the official GP team probably won't be GP checking these analyses because they're not official (but if they do that'd be amazing!), so we have an unofficial GP team here:

Kris (leader)
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