Mafia vs Village GUZMAfia - Game Over, Team Skull Wins!


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And this is his mafia.
Sick and tired of being the underdogs, Guzma's Bois aka Team Skull aka the village have stepped up to show the dumb kids of the world who the boys are.

They have broken free of the chains of the Aether Foundation, a bunch of manipulators, and their Ultra Beasts, a bunch of mons that could easily be tryhard fanmades, aka the mafia (singular).

Who will win? Whichever team has less idlers. kek.

Sample PM
Dear X,
You are Y

Guzma’s flavor boy

Every night, you may reply to this conversation with “FLAVOR USER” - you will ROLE your target.

You are allied with Team Skull. You win if the Aether Foundation and their Ultra Beasts are eliminated.
1. Do not copy/paste or screenshot your Role PM or results.
2. Do not talk to dead users. You cannot get sheet access when dead.
3. 48 Hour Nights 24 Hour Days
4. To vote text USER. If you change your vote you must go unbold your old vote. You may edit posts but you may not edit a current vote into an old post, you must make a new post.
5. If you idle your team and I will call you a cuck and you will be subbed out.
6. Please add me to ALL Smogon conversations, IRC channels and Discord servers. I will be in #circus on IRC and Discord. Also to all sheets, ask for my email if you don't know it.
7. This is a Team Skull-based game, consider the implications for your results.
8. Standard Circus rules not above apply. Ask if you need clarification.


Alive (17)
Fort Colorcastle
Aura Guardian
Lord Gaius
Former Hope
Jalmont --> Ullar
Texas Cloverleaf

Dead (12)
Haruno / ???
zorbees / ???
Hitmonleet / ???
Acklow / Yungoos Grunt / Vote Doubler / Team Skull
Walrein / Confused Grunt / Guzmaker / Team Skull
Steven Snype / Nest Ball / Adventure Kidnapper / Team Skull
Flyhn / Aether Grunt / Backup Guard / Aether Foundation and their Ultra Beasts
Asek / Buzzwole / Second Killer + Bus Driver / Aether Foundation and their Ultra Beasts
LightWolf / Plumeria / Cardflip Control + 1x Role Absorb when OFF / Team Skull
Acidphoenix / Guzzlord / Omniguard / Aether Foundation and their Ultra Beasts
MoodyCloud / Golisopod / Prio 1 BG + Faction-Kill BG / Team Skull
pancake / Wicke / Hooker / Aether Foundation and their Ultra Beasts

Role PMs going out now. N0 will end in 48 hours, 4/26 5PM PST, or all actions in (lol).
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Do not claim to anyone claiming to be Guzma, they are probably a mole tbqh

Look at the flavor, the village is Guzma's Bois aka Team Skull. While this could include Guzma it does NOT definitively say Guzma is on the village and it does NOT say that Guzma is in this game and Yeti made a point of not revealing whether he is or not.

In addition, Yeti strongly suggested to me that role names are unique, so know that your role name (if you're a villager) is probably not repeated. With that being said, any villagers with letters in their name should contact me so we can exchange letters and make sure we all have mutually exclusive letters. If you're a villager with a certain set of role names you will understand this, if you're mafia then don't bother thanks!

I will have additional info trading questions primed to suss out who is an actual villager so the mafia (zorbees and Walrein) can steer clear of me don't you worry boys we will find you sooner or later <3

tl;dr if you're a real live villager come talk to me


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there's a difference between talking to people and claiming to them

talk to whoever the fuck you want to, whenever the fuck you want to. just be aware that you don't yet have a reason to trust anybody and thus should be careful with what info you reveal to which people


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Hi there, Pokemon Trainer here. I'm off on an adventure to catch all the Pokemon. I can make some alleviations to my adventure's plans if I get the right information. It is in your best interest to speak with me if you would like a friend.

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