Mafia vs Village GUZMAfia - SIGN UP FOR TEAM SKULL!

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And this is his mafia.
If you want a lit game, join this.

1. Be Guzma
2. Don't not be Guzma
3. This is an OC 1 Village vs 1 Mafia game. Standard rules of "don't deadtalk, don't c/p PMs, don't screenshot, etc." apply.

Sign Ups
1. Earlio
2. zorbees
3. Blazade
4. Thetwinmasters
5. Hitmonleet
6. Ditto
7. Walrein
8. shubaka17
9. KnightsofCydonia
10. Paperblade
11. Jalmont
12. vonFiedler
13. UncleSam
14. Haruno
15. Flyhn
16. Asek
17. pancake
18. Pidge
19. Aubisio
20. Former Hope
21. Aura Guardian
22. Texas Cloverleaf
23. LightWolf
24. acidphoenix
25. MoodyCloud
26. Lord Gaius
27. Fort Colorcastle
28. Acklow
29. Steven Snype
30. You, unless you're a dumb kid

If you would sign up as low prio just ask to be a sub, I don't have a # I need to meet.

I'll close signups Monday if there's a flood of people or Wednesday if it seems like things haven't dropped off by Monday evening; can't do Tuesday.
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