Gyarados (Torment)

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<p>Gyarados, like Heatran can effectively run a set that utilizes torment. Some of the advantages he has to Heatran is intimidate, a slightly higher speed stat, and bounce. </p>

<p>Heatran does have some advantages over gyarados though, Not having lava plumes burn can make some pokemon harder to stall out, and slightly less resistances can make switching in a bit harder.</p>

name: Tormentdos
move 1: Torment
move 2: Substitute
move 3: Protect
move 4: Waterfall / Bounce / Toxic / Taunt / Stone Edge
item: Leftovers
nature: Careful / Impish
evs: 252 HP / 4 ATK / 252 SpD

<p> Tormentdos can be frustratingly difficult to kill. Torment makes it so the opponent cannot use the same move twice, most pokemon don't have a second move that can break Gyarados' substitute. Tormentdos can very often come out of a match up with a sub intact, ready to torment all over again.</p>

<p>Waterfall is your preferred option for your fourth move .It has STAB and water is a fairly good mono attacking type. Bounce is an interesting move. It stalls out a turn and can get you some more leftovers recovery while also getting STAB, but its 8 pp makes gyarados' stalling potential significantly shorter. Toxic makes up for Gyarados' inability to burn the opponent but makes you vulnerable to steel typed pokemon. Taunt can be used on mono-attacking pokemon. A pokemon like Blissey will attack one turn and then struggle the next allowing you to beat them out but opens up a wide variety of pokemon that can beat you. Stone edge is your best option when using a specialized team with Magnezone and Toxic Spikes Support</p>

<p>Toxic Spikes support is recommended, especially if using taunt. Magnezone is recommended when using toxic. Stealth rock and spin support is appreciated to extend Gyarados' life. <p>

I could use some help with the EV's i'm sure they are all wrong for this set. At first i tried bulkydos' same EV's but with 204 speed EV's to outspeed mixed dragonite. Then i realized that most counters were special attackers and that max SpD could beat out all of the DDdos' counters including offensive Rotom-A
You don't need to write an overview for a single set, unless this Gyarados is specifically designed for Ubers play. Also, all new sets have to be posted in QC.

Disregarding the lackluster comments, this set doesn't seem to have that much potential in OU when compared to TormentTran/Skarm for two simple reasons:

  • Gyarados doesn't have an immunity to sandstorm, and with a weakness to SR and lack of recovery outside of leftovers, it's going to be worn down pretty quickly.
  • Most of the Pokemon in OU have a secondary move to dispatch Gyarados with, can boost during the turn that it can't attack, or they can just outstall this set - Vaporeon, Suicune, Jirachi, Zapdos, Skarmory, Kingdra, and Swampert immediately come to mind as Pokemon that can do just that.
Finally, if you're going to post anymore sets in the future, try to minimize the amount of options on them, that's what AC is for ^_^
Aside from the grammar mistakes and way too many moves in for the last slot (Stone Edge? Really?), this thing becomes set-up fodder for Skarmory, or Salamence, etc. Heatran has the threat of burn and a ton of resistances to back it up.
I don't believe this particular set has any potential for the reasons already outlined above. Honestly, Gyarados does not want to use this kind of set at all for several reasons.

Torment is only effectively used by Heatran and, to a lesser extent, Skarmory. The reason why Heatran is such an incredible Torment user is because of his large amount of resistances, immunity to sandstorm, is not weak to entry hazards, has Lava Plume to cripple set-up threats, and has great overall bulk. Gyarados has a similarity in that he has great overall bulk, but he lacks immunity to sandstorm, doesn't have a lot of resistances, and is weak to Stealth Rock. It's hard for him to pull this off effectively.

This set is so pathetically weak without any Attack investment. Waterfall and Bounce (Bounce is seriously not a good move on this set in general) are nowhere near strong enough to remotely threaten neutral targets, meaning Gyarados is set-up bait to Pokemon such as Lucario, Tyranitar, Porygon-Z, and Scizor, among many others. It just can't hit hard enough. Heatran doesn't need to hit hard because he has Lava Plume to burn his targets.

Finally, Gyarados has better sets to run than a set like this. Dragon Dance Gyarados is much more effective on the offensive side, while RestTalk Gyarados is definitely superior to this defensive set. I'd much rather use one of those. The only Torment Gyarados set I think has slight potential would be something like Dragon Dance/Waterfall/Torment/Substitute, but it still looks far inferior to Gyarados's more common sets.

I'm sorry, but I don't see this happening. If you disagree with me, however, please provide some battle logs portraying its success.
A spread of 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 SpD with a Careful nature is probably what you're looking for to gain bulk on both sides of the spectrum (factoring in Intimidate) if you're not looking to invest in attack EVs.
Waterfall and Taunt should probably be the only options for the fourth move slot.
I have to agree with the above posts, however, in that this set just doesn't seem viable in competitive play, nor worthy of being posted on-site.
Also, you probably should have talked to a mod before posting this. If I'm not mistaken, new sets should be posted in the Quality Control subforum.
252 Timid Choice Scarf Rotom-C Thunderbolt  
  vs. 252/252 Careful Leftovers Gyarados : 98.5% - 116.8%
Note: that Gyarados does not survive offensive Rotom-a's Thunderbolt. Tubaking's spread seems fair enough.
Moved to QC. Anyways, all the negatives of this set have already been nicely outlined. With those reasons being clear, I am going to have to say no to this set.
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