Gen 2 Gyarados UU (QC 0/2)


Fast, hits hard, and the obligatory shiny, Gyarados is a good Pokemon in the tier. It's got some moveset issues (especially on the physical side), but play to its strengths and it will be the final nail in the coffin for the other guy's team.


Set 1: Mixed Cleaner
Item: Leftovers
-Double Edge
-Hydro Pump
-Hidden Power Ground


Double Edge is a nice standard attack, getting nice neutral damage on most things. Hydro Pump is the obligatory water STAB, 2HKOing Nidoqueen and allows it to 1v1 Sandslash. Thunder is your electric move, giving the tier's waters a nice "surprise" and is its best option against Slowbro. Hidden Power Ground is for things that don't like ground moves, Electabuzz in particular. The aim of this set is to just try and kill everything it can. Its move coverage hits everything the tier for at the very least neutral damage.

[Other Options]
A RestTalk set with Hydro Pump and Hidden Power Flying can always be a good option for a bulky attacker, although it is walled by a fair bit in the tier. Zap Cannon can be used in place of Thunder, although its low accuracy makes it a shaky trade. Hidden Power Flying can be used on the standard set instead of Hidden Power Ground to gain some more advantageous matchups against bug and grass types, although it does lose super-effective coverage on electric types. Substitute can be used in place of HP Ground to improve its matchup against electrics, as well as block paralysis.

[Checks and Counters]
Paralysis is a huge detriment to Gyarados, leaving it helpless against most anything in the tier, since its speed is the main driving point. Electabuzz in particular is a decent counter, as it can switch into HP Ground (emphasis on can, it's about a 75% chance to 2HKO) and retaliate with Thunderbolt.
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Don't you think that HP Flying should be mentioned at least in OO section? It's Gyara only physical STAB move with neutral dmg output higher than return that allows to hit Scyther and Bell (and any other potential grass, bug, fighting types) super effectivelly. Obviously that means Gyara loses some ground against electrics but they are a terrible matchup for him anyways.
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It's added in place of Blizzard. I actually considered adding it but I felt HP Ground works a bit better against stuff like Magmar or Nidoqueen.


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This is not bad, but I will suggest a few changes:
Set 1:
- My preference would be to not list Miracle Berry, since Leftovers is really good.
- I would remove Return and have D-E as the only attack. Gyarados needs all the power it can get.
- I would make Thunder the primary choice for the 3rd slot, as using Zap Cannon makes it potentially worse off against key Pokemon like Qwilfish and Slowbro/Slowking.

Set 2:
- This set does not hit hard enough. It should probably be HPump + HP Flying, which will let it scare Nidoqueen, Jumpluff, and Scyther, while potentially stalling out some other Pokemon that won't hit it SE like Slowbro.


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I agree with what Earthworm said about Set 1. You don't really need MiracleBerry for anything, as Gyarados isn't a setup sweeper and should not be staying in on an awake Slowbro/Slowking/Bellossom which can potentially paralyze it. DEdge is required for a ton of different reasons, Return is just too weak. Zap Cannon is also quite bad since the premier physical wall of the tier is Slowbro and you want to hit it as hard and accurately as possible. Gyara's Speed is above average for the tier, you don't need to paralyze things (and if your team revolves around para, there are far better pokemon to spread it).

I think Set 2 should be removed entirely. Gyarados only functions in GSC UU as a mixed attacker. It needs all the coverage in its arsenal to be viable against the likely combination of Slowbro/Slowking + other tank (Granbull/Bellossom etc.) which will be present at minimum in most teams. By dropping two of its four attacks, you either prevent it from being able to break through a crucial tank, or you hamstring its ability to threaten out opposing offensive threats.

For Other Options, I'd only list Roar and HP Flying. Curse is terrible, you want Gyara to outspeed everything that it already does. Toxic only forces things to Rest, and there are so many RestTalkers in the tier that it's not worth it at all. Flail/Reversal require too much setup and simply aren't powerful enough without STAB.


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Gyarados really seems like a Pokemon that would be a really good Pokemon in OU. It's got amazing stats (sans that awful 60 special attack)-being tied with Snorlax, Kingdra, and Blissey for the 4th highest base stat total outside of Ubers, a very nice typing (watch out for Thunderbolt though), and a decent enough movepool. It can also switch in on earthquake (which is everywhere) and takes no damage from spikes. This Pokemon strikes fear into a good chunk of the meta just because of how amazing its coverage is. So why is it UU? It's simple, Dragonite outclasses it in almost every way. Still, with Dragonite banished to BL, Gyarados can do whatever it desires with nearly nothing stopping it.
I think mentioning a Pokemon's viability in a tier that you are not writing an analysis for is pretty unnecessary, especially one as long as this.

Gyarados can do whatever it desires with nearly nothing stopping it.
What do you mean? This would imply it's one of the best Pokemon in the tier which, while subjective, I confidently would be disagreed by the entire playerbase.

which has a grand total of 3 good moves
A bit too subjective for my liking.

rely on its pathetic special attack, which obviously won't be killing anything fresh off the bat (even with a crit).
Demonstrably incorrect: Gyarados Hydro Pump vs. Nidoqueen on a critical hit: 418-492 (109.1 - 128.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

(as well as keep it away from anything you even suspect has Thunderbolt)
What if you beat it one-on-one anyway? You've already mentioned the threat of Electric-type attacks.

this little thing will be a big asset to your team, and you won't regret that decision.
Sounds more like you're trying to sell it to someone as opposed to analysing it. Also, why do you refer to it as "little thing"? It's a big boi.

This might just look like a copy of its OU set, but it also works really well in UU.
Again, no need to mention OU.

hitting just about anything not called Haunter hard
Gyarados Double-Edge vs. Omastar: 43-51 (12.5 - 14.8%) -- possibly the worst move ever
Gyarados Double-Edge vs. Kabutops: 48-57 (14.8 - 17.6%) -- possible 9HKO after Leftovers recovery
Gyarados Double-Edge vs. Slowbro: 96-113 (24.4 - 28.7%) -- possible 5HKO after Leftovers recovery

Hydro Pump is the obligatory water STAB, 2HKOing Nidoqueen.
Could mention other uses like allowing it to beat Sandslash one-on-one, for example.

Hidden Power Ground is used to screw over Electrics such as Ampharos and Electabuzz.
And the Rock and Poison types. Also, how does it "screw over" them? (which btw I would use a different phrase).


Set 2: RestTalk
Item: Leftovers
-Hydro Pump
-Hidden Power Flying
-Sleep Talk

This set just basically tries to maximize this thing's longevity, and can be more of a mid-game bulky attacker as opposed to a late-game cleaner. STAB attacks are used since it needs all the power it can get out of its slots. 95/79/100 defenses means it's not dying too soon.
You haven't discussed why this set is useful. Isn't this completely walled by many Pokemon in this tier? Absorbing status and stalemating Slowbro (unless drops) seem to be its only saving grace, but there are many more viable options for these roles. Would rather this just be an other option.

[Other Options]
The only other options here are Hidden Power Flying for STAB and Roar for phazing.
How about Zap Cannon and Substitute? Perhaps you could go into more detail as to what the other options do.

Ampharos, which Gyarados can't do much to (HP ground is only a 3HKO on Amphy)
Contradicting where you said HP Ground "screws over Electric-types".

Gyarados also really hates being paralyzed, as this makes it more vulnerable to getting hit by an electric move
I would say that it limits its speed, making it a lot easier to counter.

The RestTalk can't even do anything about it as once it's paralyzed, it's basically a free switch in for an opposing Electabuzz to kill it.
Incorrect - you Rest off the paralysis and switch out to your Electabuzz counter.

You also need to include Team Options for Gyarados.
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I just got PMed about this, people want this analysis completed?
I'll see what I can do over this week.

UPDATE: 11/11/2019 5:10pm
I updated it, somehow. I have no idea what other team options could be, so if anyone has any mons please let me know.
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I know there's a lot of stuff, but I'll try to cover all the important points:
Overview: The overwiew needs to be more informative. It doesn't need to be something absurd, but it should be straightforward and cohesive. You can mention its solid offensive coverage turns it into a respectable mixed attacker / wallbreaker, while its typing and bulk allows it to shine as an offense enabler against the main defensive bulky-waters of the tier. Also, i'd mention its lack of a strong STAB and poor Special Attack as a drawback, since these flaws prevents Gyarados from being a true powerhouse in the tier.

Set: Looking good, but I'd slash Hidden Power Flying with Hidden Power Ground. Awesome coverage vs. Bellossom & Jumpluff, and it's the only move that truly beats Scyther in a 1v1. (To be honest I consider HP Flying better than Ground but it's personal bias, i'll talk about it with Worms later)

Set Comments: On set comments, you can add Hidden Power Flying's main targets (Bellossom, Jumpluff), and mention it can offensively check threats such as Scyther and Pinsir. I'd expand the Thunder description, mainly because it's not a surprise move - it's a standard / solid coverage for a lot of bulky-waters of the tier (you already mentioned Slowbro, which is good), but i'd mention Omastar, Qwilfish, Blastoise and opposing Gyarados as well.

Team Options: On Team Options, there are a few good partners. Sinergy-wise, Nidoqueen is the most straightforward one, covering Gyarados' Electric weakness, while Nido can take advantage of one of Gyarados' most notable traits - its natural offensive presence vs. Slowbro, which is more than welcome for Nidoqueen. Qwilfish should be mentioned here as well - as a Mixed Attacker, it enjoys Spikes support to reach a lot of important benchmarks (Hydro Pump safely 3HKOes Granbull; Double-Edge safely 3HKOes Hypno; great damage output vs. Slowbro overall). I'd add Scyther as a teammate as well, Gyarados forces a lot of defensive checks to Rest (which gives Scyther more opportunities to SD + BP), while a BP'd Gyarados is a threat and half, beating Slowbroking and Granbull with greater ease.

Other Options: Roar should be the 1st mention IMO. It increases the amount of counterplay vs. Scyther, while being a convenient choice vs. Baton Pass Chains and Politoed. I agree with Lavos on RestTalk, ST Gyarados is definitely outclassed by many of the Bulky-waters of the tier (hell, even Blastoise does a better job vs. Sandslash, and it should be one of Gyarados' main perks!). I'd mention Surf as an OO, it's not a good option tbh, but it improves Gyarados' performance against SubSD Sandslash.

Checks and Counters: C&C doesn't look informative at all, if you want a good skeleton, I'd suggest something like this:
Electric-types: I'd give a special emphasis to Ampharos, because it doesn't take too much damage from Hidden Power Ground, and ST gives it extra resilience against Gyarados. Electabuzz / Electrode / Magneton should be mentioned here of course. I'd mention the pros & cons of each check (e: Electabuzz and Electrode lack consistent recovery, while Magneton is limited to HP Flying variants). I believe Lanturn deserves a mention here as well.

Grass-types: Mention Bellossom and Jumpluff here, both can check and cripple Gyarados with Leech Seed + status (but don't forget to mention they're limited to HP Ground variants).

RestTalk Users: IMO, Slowking should be the #1 mention - it's the perfect check under this criteria, since Gyarados can't 3HKO it at all (barring crit), and it can wall and cripple Gyarados with Thunder Wave. I believe Granbull should be mentioned here (it's pretty hard for Gyarados to 3HKO Granbull with Hydro Pump, especially because of its accuracy).

Special Attackers: Although they're not necessarily good switch-ins, Mr. Mime and Haunter are solid offensive answers vs. Gyarados, outspeeding Gyarados and OHKO / 2HKO'ing it with Thunder / Thunderbolt.
let me know when the analysis is ready, and i'll try to help and tweak any necessary changes
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