Hack is the new Ubers Co-Leader

Hack has put in a ton of work into the subforums over the past few years, and is widely respected by both the Ubers and the tournament community. Fireburn, SS and myself all agree he is fit to take on this role as I step down and move onto the great beyond of student teaching this fall. He will have his newfound power by this weekend.

GL Hack and congrats! It has been one heck of a run for us ever since we found each other on the ladder a few years ago, hasn't it n__n. You'll do a great job.
I can't come up with a hack pun without sounding stupid, so all I'm giving you is a generic gratz message.

(but seriously, congratulations on becoming co-leader of ubers!)


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Yay Hack is TL, great decision :)

(now suspecting the Primals should be the next good step)
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