Hackmons Cup Cream of the Crop Tour - Round 1 to Finals

Hackmons Cup Cream of the Crop Tournament

Hosted by: Codsauce


Time to start! Saved replays should reflect the official record below. Round 1 deadline is 08/10!

Tournament Specific Rules:

Bring 3 choose 1 team per game; proof of team pool consists of up to 18 (3 teams, 6 pokemon each) screenshots submitted in entrant thread.

Teams are recreated from screenshots (easiest done on phone, found 150 pxl width to fit one team per line )

Matches will be played in hackmons format and on http://smogtours.psim.us/ (Save the replays!)

Natures, EVs and IVs can be optimized by player

Level, moves, items, and abilities should appear as they do in screenshots

Each matchup is best of three games

Wonder Guard is banned, with the reason being it will be too centralizing. Matches might come down to who has the best WG 'mon which is noncompetitive if a team simply auto-loses to it.

The Bracket:



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