Tournament Hackmons Cup Extravaganza - [won by snorlax142857]

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Well done to everyone who has made it this far! You sure do have the skill to materialize the luck needed to advance.:afrostar:

In this tournament, paired players will take turns locking and banning formats.

For instance, let’s say we have Aqua vs Chiori Mikami listed as one of the matchups.

To kick things off, Aqua decides to lock Gen 8 Hackmons Cup. Next, Chiori Mikami decides to lock Gen 8 Doubles Hackmons Cup. Following that, Chiori Mikami will ban Gen 1 Hackmons Cup. Finally, Aqua will ban Gen 8 Hackmons Cup (one vs one).

As a result, the series will begin between Aqua and Chiori Mikami in the one unchosen format Gen 7 Hackmons Cup.

Whoever loses in the first game will subsequently play against their opponent in the format that they have locked. If the game one defeated player ties the second game, the final game will be the format chosen by the winner of the first game.

NOTE: The Gen 8 Hackmons Cup (one vs one) format must exclude Dynamax. In order to challenge each other to this format, please use this command:

/challenge gen 8 hackmons cup@@@pickedteamsize=1, dynamaxclause, teampreview

Don’t worry! All you need to do is copy & paste the above command in the PMs of your opponent. Doing so will automatically challenge them to Gen 8 Hackmons Cup One vs One without Dynamax. Keep in mind that Gen 8 Hackmons Cup One vs One is to be played as a Best of 3.

The winner of this tournament will be awarded recognition in the Hall of Fame on the Random Battles Room website/roomintro! Furthermore, the winner gets to choose between:

Receiving their own join-phrase in the Random Battles room for two months.


Room Prize Winner (^) in the Random Battles room for two months.

Please refer to the OP to re-familiarize yourself with the rules, and other information if you're unsure of anything.


sunsets  vs  barreco
Unfunnydededenotxd  vs  Quoise
 vs  Vawile
Luchik  vs  RustySheriffBadge
Pirate Princess  vs  frostyicelad
Fant'sy Beast  vs 
a loser  vs  MaswoodShaheb
LoSconosciuto  vs  Ax
snorlax142857  vs  za
Rage  vs  Fifty Shades of Rez

The deadline to get your matches done will be Monday, August 23rd at 11:59 PM @GMT +2.

May the luckiest, and those who take advantage of such, advance!​
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