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Hey all, so this team is kind of a test run for myself, I used to be really big into team building, but then work kinda started getting the way, so that kinda died off...but now I’m back and looking to start making teams again! So as I’m not 100% sure where this teams fall(or where to post it for that matter) as I’ll mostly be using it in the battle tower/ occasionally battling friends hopefully, I’m hoping to get some feedback and just get the rust off before I focus on the team I really want to make! I also haven’t done too much testing (mainly due to work) so I apologize in advanced if I don’t give much info in that regards.

Snow Warning
Icy Rock
Serious(?) Nature
252 Hp
200 Art
56 spd

Giga Drain
Ice shard

This is my main way of setting hail...Well my only way actually atm. I went with a more physical set over all, focusing more on bulk and attack in terms of Evs. As of testing, I’ve kind of settled on a serious nature, but have been also toying with Adamant as it’s only special move is Giga drain for some recovery. I went with Ice shard as I’m hoping if he does have to see combat, his opponents will hopefully be at low enough health that he’ll finish it off(not that lucky though) Protect, cause well I’ve found you kind of need to run it in doubles. I’ve gone with bulldoze as I’ve found if he comes up against a steel type, he’s kind of just flopping around....

Thick fat
Life Orb
Adamant nature

Ice shard
Iron Head
Stealth Rock

This is one of 3 physical attackers on my team. I went with Mamoswine for type coverage and cause hes able to hit like a tank.EQ for stab and coverage from steel. Ice shard for priority. Iron head is to deal with other ice types, and stealth rock as I can use Mamoswine as a lead as well. I went with life orb to give it some oomph when it hits. Honestly not a whole lot more to say,pretty much your basic physical attacker spread.

Curses Body
Focus Stash
Timid nature
4 Def
252 Sp.Att
252 Speed

Ice beam

This is namely the 2nd option for lead. It’s meant to be a mix of a suicide lead/ special attacker. I went with willowisp over destiny bond as I’ve found the status of burnhas been very helpful to my team.T-bolt might be odd, but it helps with water types that can show up. If there was a member of the team I’d be looking to swap out it would be Froslass, as I’m finding I’m missing a good special attack user on my team.

Skill link
White herb
Timid nature
252 Att
252 Speed

Shell smash
Icicle Spear
Rock Blast

Cloyster is the 2nd physical attacker on my team, and the most impactful of the 3. I went with a skill link set with Shell smash as I’ve found it hits hard and is able to take out a few threats , not all of them, but a half decent. I’m looking to take protect off as I’ve found it isn’t as useful as I’d thought it would be. What to swap out with, I’m not sure, and am still experimenting with it.

Ice Body
Relaxed nature
0 Speed IV
252 Hp
252 Def


This is a set I used in X/Y? I beleive. I like Avalug cause he can pretty much shake off a lot of physical attacks like they are nothing. With leftovers as well as Ice body and recover Avalug is able to stay put and stall for a good time. Only issue is that him stalling doesn’t really help me. I either need a way to get toxic or toxic spikes on my team. Or avalug need to be replaced.

Gorilla Tatics
Choice Scarf
Jolly nature
252 Att
4 Sp.Def
252 Speed

Icicle Crash
Flare Blitz

This was kind of an after thought add on. This was added on mainly cause of his coverage abilities. Now, I’m not one for choice sets, however since gorilla tatics already locks Darmanitan into a move, I figured a choice set would work fine. I went with a choice scarf set as I’ve found I need the speed more than the extra power. This set was just taken out of the Smogon website, so I’m not gonna go to much deeper into this guy.

So overall I’ve found the team enjoyable, but overall not very effective. In the few battles I’ve had (no more then 10 sadly...) I either get swept, stalled or get to my opponents last pokemo and run out of gas. I’d have to say probably Froslass is the biggest weakest link in the team, followed by Avalug. As for who I use for Dynamax....I um...don’t really know, I haven’t really used it in my battles. Aside from me not really liking the feature, I’m still unsure of when and who to use it on. So some insight into that would be helpful as well!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time totake a look and offer suggestions!

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