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sorry, the legitimacy of this hall of fame has been disregarded due to the lack of recognition of the goat, the mind reader, the flex machine, the one and only thunderblunder777. #blunderarmy
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Man making this must be tough. :| I respect the man working on this but one day I will be his pain as I will be the only guy winning anything because I am goat. Well........WILL be goat. Eventually.......someday.....in a few years.............
I hope you make my life a huge pain by winning a ton of tours, Brad. Keep believing in yourself, this is the attitude I like to see.
And I do too

I dont want to win any team tours until Ive proven myself in a solo tour though getting backpacked to 4 blue trophies may make some people feel like theyre good but not me, although i wouldn't complain, id just rather win ost or something. s/o all the real niggas who won solo tours like smogon classic and ost and that

i admire everyone on this list but them to a much higher degree, and one day i hope to emulate them
I have won tournaments but nothing of that caliber. If I am honest my most memorable fight was one I lost. Me and my friend were in this theme tournament and I was the unlucky bastard to fight him first as I have never beat him. I was winning 4-1 and lost as my final attack didn't roll high enough and lost by 1% :| as far as the people on this list I don't know them but let me recognize one of these people in a showdown lobby cause their pms might get blown up with "FIGHT ME!" Over and over. And I see your point in that solos are more impressive in a since than team one because you can say "I won and wasn't carried" but for me what is impressive is using something different or what people consider trash and still winning. One time I was bored and I'm in tournaments lobby. An uu tournament started and I have no uu teams. The only legal team I had was a lousy theme pu team I made for a friend for winning his first nuzlocke. They were all his Pokemon from the nuzlocke and I still won 2 rounds xD. I will never forget the guy who beat me in the 3rd round and what he said, "How the hell did this team get here?" Also welcome to Smogon :)
I would like to give special recognition to my good friend Ciele for assisting with many things in the Hall of Fame, including but not limited to: consolidating the original two posts into one, reorganizing the winners based on the formula provided, and fixing all the links to the trophies when they broke in the forum move.

Additionally, I have kept good on the promise to create a section for Smogon Champions in the second post, so Empo please feel free to enjoy your year as the only man in the section.

Thanks all for a good year of Smogon Tournaments and lets make 2018 just as strong.
update with my boi thunderblunder777's triumph or we will take our pikes & torches and run rampant into the night, wyldin'.


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Hello everyone, I have updated the Hall of Fame. If you notice any errors feel free to point them out to me on discord (TJ#3200). Also feel free to contact me if you want your Pokemon changed or have any questions.

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