Handicapable Mafia - GAME OVER - 3rd Floor Patients and a few others win!

Daenym and Wild Eep present:

Handicapable Mafia

Approved by LightWolf


1) While you are alive you may talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you may not talk to anyone still alive about the game. No exceptions. Dead characters may talk to each other, however.

2) You will receive your Role PM at the start of the game. You may not post your Role PM or any direct quotes from it until the hosts say so. Once the hosts give permission to share role PMs, however, you may share them as much as you like.

2.1) Posting screenshots of any kind is not allowed. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots, please be sure to report it.

3) You may paste anything the hosts tell you unless they say otherwise. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, as these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM one of the hosts for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user is banned at all points. Do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

4) Each Day will last about 48 hours. During the Day you may cast votes to lynch a user by writing “<flavor> <user>” in bold, or put “No lynch” in bold. You may change your vote by unbolding the initial vote and posting a new bolded vote. If you have two conflicting bolded votes at deadline your vote will become “No Lynch.”

4.1) The game begins with Night 0, which will last 48 hours. During this phase, no night actions will work, and you may not post your role PM or any part of it. You are allowed to start sharing your role PM starting on Day 1. The actionless Night 0 is meant to be an activity gauge - if you don’t touch base with the hosts during this time you WILL be subbed out.

4.2) Deadlines are not set in stone, and can vary up to 6 hours in either direction. The exact time for deadline will not be announced, so good luck with your Stealth Lynching.

4.3) If there is a tie in the Lynch, then the Lynch will fail.

4.4) The Day will not be ended early for majority, due to Day actions. However, if all Day actions are in and a majority in the vote has been reached, the Day may be called early. The number of votes required for majority is not announced.

4.5) If you have a Day action then during the Day you must send both hosts a PM with your action as the title. If you are choosing to Idle that Day, you must still send the action PM, but put “Day X - Idling” as the title of the PM.

5) Each Night will last 48 hours. During the Night you must send both hosts a PM with your action as the title. If you are choosing to Idle that night, you must still send the action PM, but put “Night X - Idling” as the title of the PM.

5.1) In the event that all Night actions are received prior to deadline, the update will come early. How many PMs are in will not be announced ahead of time, although the hosts are likely to complain if a significant number of PMs have not been submitted as deadline approaches.

6) If you fail to submit an action PM for any cycle without an acceptable excuse, you may either receive a warning or be immediately subbed out. This is up to the hosts’ discretion.

7) Priorities for all actions are established before the game starts. They will not be shared.

8) There are no items in this game. There are no resurrects. Dead users are out of the game. This means votes for them count as No Lynch, and abilities targeting them will have no effect.

9) If your Role PM clashes with anything posted in the Rules, your Role PM will take precedence. If you feel there is conflict, feel free to ask a host for clarification.

10) IRC access is required. The channel for this game is #Handicapable. If you have any problems with using IRC please PM a host for assistance. If you are not online during a full cycle of Day/Night for a decent amount of time you may be subbed out.

11) Don’t be inactive. Inactivity ruins the game for you and everyone else.

12) Give access to anything you make for this game to the hosts. This includes secret IRC channels, spreadsheets, and any other shareable information. In addition, please share your thought processes throughout the game with the hosts. This will add to a richer, more comprehensive Postgame. Our IRC nicks are: Daenym and WildEep. Our e-mails are:
daenym@gmail.com and wildeep219@gmail.com Hard to remember all of that, right?

13) If you are silenced or restricted in any way and fail to abide by that restriction, you may be godkilled. Godkilling is not something we would like to resort to, however. First-time mistakes may be tolerated at the hosts’ discretion, but repeat offenders will be removed from the game.

14) The theme for this game is closed. Feel free to ask the hosts for help in faking a Role PM.

15) Your win condition may change at any point in the game. Keep this in mind when forming alliances and claiming your Role to other players.

16) Don’t believe everything you read.


Finally the riots had subsided. Everyone was able to calm down. All around them there were the bodies of the less-fortunate. No one could be sure how many people had died since this whole mess started yesterday, but what everyone could tell that there were only 25 people left alive in the facility.

As everyone congregated in a 2nd floor hallway, they were forced to walk past one of the many corpses. In his hand he clutched a folder. Someone reached down and pulled a sheet of paper out of the folder to find:

Daenym said:
Dear Wild Eep,

You have Pyromania.

Pyromania is an impulse to deliberately start fires as a way to relieve stress or tension. Whenever you’re around fires you get a little too interested and excited. To this day you’ve set lots of fires, but three of them got out of hand and landed you in a mental hospital.

As a man who likes to start fires, you’re somewhat a danger to yourself and others. Mostly others. At any point during the game you may PM yourself “Lighting a fire under <user>’s ass.” If <user> does not stop being an inactive douchebag then he’ll be burned to death, but you’ll feel better.

You are allied with the Hosts.

You win if this game finishes successfully.
Some of the more timid survivors let out small gasps, seeing that someone so potentially dangerous had been among them. Had he been one of the people who caused the initial riot?

The group moved along as the lights flickered, plunging them into total darkness for a moment. One of the people at the front of the group took a left, and they came to a doorway with “Cafeteria” printed above it. Here, everyone stopped again, staring at yet another dead body that was slumped against the door. His file was nearby:

Wild Eep said:
Dear Daenym,

You have Perfectionism.

Perfectionism means you will strive for everything to be as good as it can be. You were institutionalized after spending an unhealthy amount of time perfecting a mafia game. For any given person, you can spot four imperfections immediately after meeting them.

The one glaring imperfection with this game is how your cohost handles inactive users. At any point during the game you may PM yourself “Perfecting the game with <user>.” You will bring <user> in to replace the inactive charred husk, and the game will be more perfect than before.

You are allied with the Hosts.

You win if this game finishes successfully.
No shocked gasps this time. Just silence. A couple of the stronger people in the group moved the body out of the way and everyone filed into the cafeteria. Everyone circled around the tables and glanced at each other nervously. The sun was setting, and the high windows of the room meant everything was still in semi-darkness, so it was impossible to see anyone clearly.

“We need to think this through, though. If we don’t keep calm then none of us will survive.”

“The first thing we need to do is figure out how to unlock these damn doors!”

“I’ve heard them talking about that. Somewhere in this place is a Control Room. If we can break in then we can release the locks and get outside. Then do whatever you want.”

“You sound like you know a lot about that ‘Control Room...’”

“Is he Staff?!”

“I thought they were all dead...”

“Just because someone started a riot doesn’t mean the rest of us need to keep it going!”

“Look, I didn’t start this, but the Staff members went too far. They’ve always been rough, but the moment they killed one of the Patients was the moment they crossed the line.”

“YEAH! He’s right! We need to get rid of the rest of the Staff before they kill more of us!”

“Right, but like what he said, we need to keep calm about this. Lets take some time to just calm down and collect our thoughts. In the morning we can talk as a group about what to do. Because I agree, there are some people here who are giving me a bad feeling. And we need to get rid of them before any more Patients get-”

He was cut off by a scream from the other side of the Cafeteria. Everyone whipped around to try and find the source of the noise. A figure came running back to the group. In her hand was a sheet of paper, the same as the ones found with the last two corpses.

“I went to try and get some food for us, but there’s another dead body in there. And this one... well... he’s covered in shit.”

She broke down in tears as someone else picked up the sheet of paper and read it aloud:

Daenym said:
Dear imperfectluck,

You have Encopresis.

Encopresis means you have leaky bowels, and are prone to soiling yourself without meaning to. You were potty trained as a kid, just like everyone else, but you can’t help letting a little bit seep out. On your best day, you were able to hold it for a whopping three minutes.

Your bowels are your greatest enemy in life, but your greatest friend in a conflict. At Night, you may PM the hosts with “Night X - Flinging crap all over the place.” You will throw some poop everywhere such that no one will want to get anywhere near you in fear of getting hit. Mustering enough shit to perform this action takes time, so you may not use it two nights in a row.

You are allied with the Patients.

You win if all Staff members are eliminated.
Everyone had a look of total disgust on their faces after hearing that. One brave soul took a step toward the kitchen area, but someone reached out and stopped him.

“What? I was gonna go in there and get some food. I’m not scared of some crap.”

“Like we’d want to eat anything that came out of that kitchen after hearing who’s been in there.”

Others muttered their consent. A few more grumbled about being hungry. Someone smashed the glass on a vending machine and handed out some food. Then, with at least a little sustenance, everyone settled down around the Cafeteria. The last rays of sunlight disappeared, leaving the group with only the unstable fluorescent lights above.

Player list:

Cereza capefeather
CHENN makiri
macle iiMKUltra

Quagsires - Huntington's Disease - Patients - Injected with a syringe Night 1
Da Letter El - Psychopath - Serial Killer - Lynched Day 2
danmantincan - Amnesia - Patients - Injected with a syringe Night 2
kingofkongs - Receptionist - Staff - Succumbed to poison Night 2
bearsfan092 - Nurse - Staff - Lynched Day 3
Nightmare Jigglypuff - Insomnia - 4th Floor Patients - Bludgeoned Night 3
theangryscientist - Williams Syndrome - 3rd Floor Patients - Injected with a syringe Night 3

Ditto - Pharmacist - Staff - Lynched Day 4
GoldenKnight - Synesthesia - 3rd Floor Patients - Injected with a syringe Night 4
Yeti - Tourette’s Syndrome - 3rd Floor Patients - Bludgeoned Night 4
Objection - Bi-polar Disorder - 4th Floor Patients - Bludgeoned Night 4
ginganinja - Intermittent Explosive Disorder - 4th Floor Patients - Lynched Day 5
Crux - Schizophrenia - 4th Floor Patients - Bludgeoned Night 5
Dubulous - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - 4th Floor Patients - Lynched Day 6
billymills - Multiple Personality Disorder - 4th Floor Patients - Injected with a syringe Night 6
zorbees - Kleptomania - 3rd Floor Patients - Murdered by Flamestrike Night 6
Aura Guardian - Narcolepsy - 4th Floor Patients - Committed suicide Day 7
Flamestrike - Doctor - Staff - Lynched Day 7

Wild Eep

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Role PMs will be distributed shortly. Afterward it will be Night 0. Remember, you may NOT share your role PM during N0, and ALL actions will fail.

Deadline is in ~48 hours from whenever the last PM is sent out.

And no, IPL is not in this game.

Wild Eep

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All role PMs have been sent!

Night 0 ends on Thursday, August 4, 9:00 PM Eastern time.

Remember that no actions will work on Night 0.


Da Letter El

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All role PMs have to be forwarded to Da Letter El when Day 1 rolls around!

Night 0 ends with more than enough time to give Da Letter El your role name claim at the very least.

Remember that the Celtics suck.
I'm readily cleanable. I don't think you are. Not only can I clean myself, but there's another person who can.

Speaking of which, if you happen to have an unknown friend, I'd love to hear from you.


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Mafia Champion
All role PMs have to be forwarded to Da Letter El when Day 1 rolls around!

Night 0 ends with more than enough time to give Da Letter El your role name claim at the very least.

Remember that the Celtics suck.
I WOULD LIKE TO URGE ALL PATIENTS TO BE PATIENT! While Da Letter El would most likely be a great leader, he has given us no proof or reason to follow him.

I also have a fairly easy way to clean myself.

EDIT: May I mention, without the use of an inspector. Although I am fine if the inspector decides to clean me.

Da Letter El

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I have a role which is actually half decent, 100% provable, a believable role, and with a disorder which is almost certainly present.

I am much more experienced and competent in leading village victories, as my 2/0 perfect record of leading shows (I would have more if I had more opportunities of having roles other than bodyguard/miller and/or being mafia).

I am happy to exchange my role name for yours, and i'm sure after that people will vouch that my claim is legit.
As we would say in on the IRC mafia, !farm
EDIT: Do we have an IRC channel for this game? Maybe that's not the case since my only other experience is the ongoing Luigi's Mansion mafia.


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we're gonna PENIS have as BLACKTITS many as we GERMANYSUCKS need, u WIGGA



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Yeti I really hope that you have a Tourette's related posting restriction, because that would be awesome XD
You briefly awaken to catch a glimpse of Wild Eep lighting macle on fire. He is burned to a crisp, but before anyone can look at his sheet of paper, iiMKUltra swoops in and snatches it up.

iiMKUltra has subbed in for macle.

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