Happy 10th Birthday, Smogon!

10 years ago today, on December 18, 2004, chaos created these forums and registered his account (http://www.smogon.com/forums/members/chaos.1/). Two weeks later (January 1, 2005), I registered the smogon.com domain (admittedly initially to troll him) but then gave it to him for his 17th birthday (January 2, 2005).

I never thought these forums (much less the site) would stay around this long, since I always thought it was created merely as a refuge for #neodome-ites who found themselves lost and confused after Celia revealed herself to be a man.

Happy birthday Smogon!
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Can't believe it's been 10 years since smogon was just an idea talked about on #rs and #tafop. Miss this shit.
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I'm the newest so far here :[

congrats on the 10th anniversary! I've only been here 4 and a half years and I feel like time flew by too quickly.


I hope you make a million dollars
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This thread reminds me of when I got my badge and clicked on the last page of inside scoop. Except way older!
Only took us 10 years to get official T-shirts 8)
the idea had been brought up several times before that. a design was even developed and some people own a t-shirt with them (fishy and zerowing do).

edit: also it is slightly unsettling that a bunch of old farts showed up seemingly for the sole purpose of posting in this thread.

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