Have Search stop throwing out common words


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Smogon's search decides words are often too common to be included in searches when they're actually integral to what you're looking for. For example, if I search this forum for "little cup", I get told both of those words are too common. I've noticed countless times I'll search for something like "agility empoleon" and I'll be told one of those words is too common so I only get the results for "agility" or "empoleon". Can we just disable this "feature" and let the users refine their own searches?


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Yeah this would be good if it is possible. If eliminating the removal of stuff like 'a' from searches puts too much strain on the server, then the conditions for what is counted as 'too common' should be changed to something less strict at least I'd say.


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Use quotation marks around the words
Instead of
little cup

"little cup"

Edit: crap that doesn't seem to work on Smogon. I know it works on some other vBulletin boards.

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