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Heartbreak, Homicides and Hdrama: The Tale of a Matador

6A9 Ace Matador

veni, vidi, vici, VERSACE, VERSACE VERSACE

At a Glance:

For lazy ppl, i include timeline of my great exodus through the smoglands:
*i buy gba games, join gfaqs, get told to fuck off cause noob
* i go on NB and troll with explosion teams
*i quit pkmn
*i download shoddy battle
*i find the mysterious Azenova and create 6ALLIANCE9 (the 6 and 9 represent heaven + hell~~~~~)
*I meet the worm while trying to make a shuckle analysis
*i get into smogon and IRC
*everyone hates on me because i have got: swagger
*i get to finals of stour but TU (BAN ME PLEASE)s help xtrashine and ews team/ghosting SUCKS
*i depart for training in mountains w/ gouki and come back a stronger man
*my haters begin to disappear under my might
*i make my 1 k

Through the microscope

The tale of the am, an ace amongst matadors...

Now this is a story to tell y’all about... ME.
Once upon a time i wondered onto Gfaqs after having gotten well into PKMN ruby and sapphire and started telling people off for using shit sets like ice beam eq protect pert, and instead instructing them to use muddy water, earthquake, surf, hydro cannon. So after a while i got a rep for being a trash player but i didn’t care... i was a budding pkmner.
Eventually i found netbattle and started frequenting it on various PIKAPOW3R related nicks and trolling users like Mystica by defeating them with 6 x exploder teams. Eventually i got tired of the mons, so i departed for many a month. Until one day, on MSN i received a PM from a mysterious BR who’d insisted i add him after facing defeat at my hand, and reported to me that a revolutionary simulator known as SHODDY BATTLE had just been released. So i blocked + deleted him. Anyway a while later i heard its mention again, and decided i’d download this mysterious program! After downloading it, i messed around with shuckle cresselia and abomasnow for aaaaaages (since they’re COOL) and eventually i was approached by a mysterious figure... he had terrible English but power emated from him, i could even feel my English being suppressed by his might: 6A9 Azenova: helo el_matador: ho el_matador: *hi so he talked me into forming an elite clan of ultimate power known as the ALLIANCE (apparently he owned some old adv clans called like elite 3 or something idk) so i took him up on his offer and eventually my name evolved to be known as 6A9 ACE MATADOR.
Eventually, we made forums and stuff and all the mods on official started trolling us but we didn’t care, we had each other n/c. Eventually, SMOGON server was erected and we moved to it, at this point however 6A9 AZENOVA fell horribly ill or left on holiday or something and so i decided i dgaf anymore but kept the 6A9 because it looks cool. Eventually i decided on posting a SHUCKLE analysis and asked earthworm for grammar help and stuff on the smogon server, and eventually got his EMAIL address... my plan to integrate myself into smogon was coming into fruition! I got him to help me lots and lots and eventually i became well known as an upstanding, charismatic and amiable figure on IRC and the forums. After some run ins with the law (see: smogon tour rules) i found it difficult to acquire a shiny badge that complimented how fly i was... but eventually i got myself a personal designer: MEKKAH who garnished my look with trendy justin bieber avatars, homosensual custom titles and a sparkly badge (ALL were his idea... i don’t even like bieber) on and i lost to xtrashine in stour since his TU buddies helped him in a chat cause he SUCKS and earthworms stall team SUCKS too. so then GOuki gave me some tips on building and battling and now im good at mons i think.. and also my irc haters decreased significantly (went from like everyone to most people p. quick)


Positive shout outs:


EARTHWORM: probably wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for this guys help, he ghosted for me in pretty much every tournament up until very recently, and although he lost me my tour match he really helped me out. thanks dude.

Gouki: got me out of a slump with his insight of the game and explained a lot of stuff to me that i had no idea about even after having played for a while at that point (after tour) feel like it’s cause of him i improved a LOT!

panamaxis: smart guy and awesome team builder when he’s not lazy, a BIG man in the 4th gen, and will continue to boss i hope

Hankey: a BOSS at building teams, he’s got his own style and is definitely one of the big guys this gen. super nice too, which you don’t get from other top players like EW.

goofball: well on his way to becoming a boss again, one of the best players if you’re judging by their achievements and knowledge of all the gens.

Lady_Bug: one of the toughest defensive players to beat, makes sick teams with neat surprises, creative concepts and he’s one of the few guys i rarely see make mistakes.

p.s. i only listed the best guys who I’m buddies with and remembered..

Ima start with the UKers

Cookie: all the traits of a great poster, consistently great sig avatar combos, witty and smart, he should do a smogcon in the summer so everyones livelier!!

#az: funny interesting and has strong opinions on smogon politics, i remember him from ages ago since he was there soon after i joined irc and we argued about anime and manga like NERDS.

McGraw: talked to him the most at smogcon, jolly guy who knows lots of interesting stuff!

twash: absolute bellend but he’s cute like a uhhh marshmallow

shade: nice LAD smart enough at the mons, and he’s full of weird tales



Earthworm: often annoys me since he’s too much of a pussy to stand up for anything like in SPL where aldaron and scofield were tyrants but w/e... he’s an
interesting man, yet probably too quiet. Like when i skyped with him the only way to get him to talk was mons wtf!!! But he’s nice and and good at mons and LUCKY too lucky,,, far too lucky. One of my smogons bfs and i owe a lot to him!

GOUKI: interestingestest man on the internet loads of stuff i admire about him probably my favourite person to talk to on the net! he help me out a ton like earthworm with the mons

Panamaxis: (BAN ME PLEASE) but hes nice, ive learnt to see past his constant fb stalking and demanding of pictures to see a cool charismatic guy with scarily close looks to bieber..

Jumpluff: an enigmatic figure, often seen obsessing over shaymins, the colour pink, music and ME. Amazing writer, super nice but she’s got an inner troll just
like earthworm they were MADE for each other!

Solace: although I’ve only known him for like a week already i feel kinda close to him, nice honest dude, and has a lot of potential both as a moner and a smogoner, and for sure the neatest guy ive befriended this year on da nets AND his names justin that's like a fast track into my good books

KOTW: most annoying ocn fanboy but i tutored him at SOME point pretty terribly so i suppose he must be ok..

Folgorio: NIG


Bluewind: NIG

Whistle: .............

I think ima group the whole #nowhere crowd together..: NIGS

Alex: got super good at the mons in no time at all, was p. disappointed when he left to pursue a career in social stuff L he coulda gone places

Katya: i miss u a lot... i know you’ll probably never get to read this but you were real neat and i wish we got to talk more!

Kd24: wanker

(yagami) LIGHT: used to be a boss at mons wat happened man :((( nearly forgot about your entry lol. a fatefull encounter on official server indeed, though it was pretty funny and added to the rich history of am -,- a cool dude indeed!

alan: he hits on me too much wtf...

Jabba: nice and weird with a unique playstyle ill call it that in case he gets into a drunken rage w/ me -.- but he nice i like him

Philip7086: umm figured if i didn’t include him my chances at shoddy mods and shit would be blown so here we go... he’s got nice eyes? and he helped me test
teams once hes def a good monner and a good user

pkgaming: a human

TIK: more than a human, a human of iron. his wit gun is constantly loaded, always alert and ready to fire. Our Zither Hero conversation was incredible, http://pastebin.com/mvXgGi4A

august: <3 i miss him <3

yeti: a real nice lady and a master of annoyance

makiri: zerowing

locopoke: definitely not as bad as people including myself used to think but maybe he just tries hard to impress me 8] nice and funny A N D says it like it is

m0nkfish: he has cool facial hair, plays pokemon and often makes good posts too. i mean he's not am level but he's sorta funny i guess idk...

atticus: funny poke-maner and a strong monner too, it’d be cool if he went to the non tourney parts of smogon more!

Kevin_Garrett: is a nice guy/nice battler who got far too many haters for stupid reasons -.-

Jibaku: a mighty player who should OU more. Makes genious teams, and although his ubers score vs me is like 3-97 he’s strong.

Gmax: an old tree, waving tenderly, then all of a sudden a biCHAND|ZSAWE CHANSAW TIMBERRRRRRRRRR LOL he’s ok i guess.

CaptKirby: is hilarious, genuinely believes he is a genious and everyone else is wrong. If you haven’t trolled this guy yet you’ve not lived.

Mekkah: the kind, gentle admin, strong TGC and mafia player and the sites non mon side owes a lot to him

Synre: a kind spirited man with a thing for chest hair which isnt even cool come on... good moderator and cool guy, used nice teams when he did UU idk why he stopped

The Chaser: weird kid with TERRIBLE facial hair i think after some styling and some trendier teams he has potential...

HIPMONLEE: a man full of funny things to say which he combines with precision timing to make him a MACHINE also also thanks for PMing me the thread lOl

mind: cute little kid whos growin up so quick.. one day hell be big like me, fun 2 talk 2 and hes been there when upsetting stuff happened to me

RamblinWreck: a funny man whos love for buizen is immense. I hear he likes asparagus or something along those lines which is sorta weird but w/e i like ‘im

Mountain_DEWGONG$$$: a real thug i cant believe i forgetted him... :(( a trusted user who makes good posts and looks like a real OG, although he's an easily influenced man he's a good boy 8]

reyscarface: good player and nice guy occasionally, has some good taste in music too

DM: cool guy who helps me out with guitar stuff, funny and cool too

junior: friendly boy v. awesome

phiddlesticks: nice guy thx 4 idea B)

apologies: a nice young man with a lot of poke-tential who sure did improve a lot! nice to talk to should probably lay off the gazillion bad habbits he has but he's cool!! p.s. Essen meinen Schwanz

fishy: with a username shrouded in mystery and boyish... looks fishys sure an influential member of the a forum gang and a nice person apart from the e-girl thing but all e-girls do the e-girl thang whatever the e-girl thang is idk what it.. is hi ok

Threat List

negative shout outs:

tangerine: liked the taste of dick, his breath often reeked of semen after he finished talking to phil jimbo and whistle

reyscarface: ANGRY and doesnt listen -.-

aldaron: goes from periods of niceness to angriness to douchebaggery

Loven/lakers/rmega/cockblock etc.: spamming “umad” , “cool story bro”, “nigga u gay” like it’s the most hilarious thing ever is: retarded. Gives off the impression you lack the intellect to say anything productive or funny outside of jpegs. I think it was a sign you should stop when your leader got trounced by KG tbh.

Loven: he’s the 12 year old COPPA violating fat adopted son of loki who posts in the drugs thread, and shits up every tourney thread with “umad” absolute tool -_-

Lakers: you haven’t taken the hint yet???

Badal: i encourage everyone to write what they hate about badal in their post

SOMALIA: who the fuck is he i don't even

Dubs: hates pretty much EVERYONE

<@Eo> opinions?
<&dubs> w/e
<&dubs> i'm high as balls
Nice managing goober

Ok at this point im just really tired of writing so if i missed you out w/e you can just say HI include me in the thread or if you don’t wanna look like a loser PM me or something

Oh and my details are

16 / m / London

Hobbies include guitar, singing, pkmn, bball (playing im too lazy to follow any sport ever) i plan to be either an international best selling artist or a conservationist who drives a red pickup truck.

Turn ons: walks on rainy beaches, guanabana juice, SHUCKLE, the colour red, the sound of wind chimes and the smell of victory

Turn offs: POKEMON, smart ppl jokes, bad skin, bad hygiene, short girls, boring people

JB looking hot
MY last fm

irc channel: #TREEHOUSE



Ce soir, on va danser.
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16? good lord, I wouldn't have pegged you for a day over 9

have fun playing the Bieber acoustic :jump: congrats on... 1k? not entirely sure what's going on here
I am a genius at analytical reactions (due to getting them right and the incredible speed; I finished my last 3 college multiple choice exams in less than 10 minutes each and got an A on all of them with no curve, for instance). In the past I mistakenly attributed this to overall genius, which is silly, but it still makes me a genius at something at least.
I'm freakin' dating a short girl...

also Justin Bieber = Failure, grow a pair already man...

EDIT: Why do you join a site thats about pokemon if you don't like it?

also noticed I have the lowest post count on this thread
I lol @ you thinking we're all the same person

check out the sig brah

edit: to be honest...

nigga you gay is probably one of the greatest inventions of all time

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