Other Hearts and Backgammon Interest thread/Tournament

what's up everyone, I'm here to see if there's any interest in a potential Hearts (card game) and Backgammon (board game) tournament. At the very least I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to potentially play those games.

Hearts is a really fun card game, pretty simple to understand and get into but also v complex. I'm sure backgammon will be less popular but you should try it too because it's very fun! It's a lot like pkmn except a lot simpler but with all the same luck.

Rules for hearts
Backgammon rules

If there's enough interest for a tournament I would be willing to put up a prize like $5 or so. I'm less inclined to do so for a backgammon tournament because you could technically run a bot but then again it's all dice based so even that doesn't guarantee anything.

At the very least it would be cool to get a couple people who might be interested in general just to play games every now and then. All skill levels are welcome so join even if you don't have any experience!
I like hearts

also want to float the idea of bid euchre (or regular euchre) if anyone is interested in that
There was a Euchre league at my school but from talking to people I heard the game is pretty luck based so I never really got into. I'd be interested in learning though since I think it's basically an easier version of spades?
We're in the social forums discord in the #circus channel btw. I'll let this run for a little bit before starting any tournament, but feel free to leave suggestions on format and prize suggestions.
I feel like we should just play and calculate elo ratings ourselves because otherwise we have to do scheduling and stuff

One month for a season or something, need to play 5 games to be ranked

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