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Funny thing is, I found my old art thread here waaaaaaaaaay back from like, mid-2010. Couldn't find my main art thread, though.


Here is my newest piece (which I mistakenly tried to enter into a MAC that was exactly one-year-old to-the-day):

The Crystal Pokégems:
The Crystal Pokegems - Small.png

And here are a bunch of other random old pieces from my last thread:
Bloo Avatar Full.jpg Golden Victreebel.png Kuma Juri Ursaring Froslass.png MAC #15.jpg MAC #16.jpg RavenBB.jpg Roserade Mask.jpg Snorlax Batman.jpg Something A Little Different.jpg Tech N9ne Scrafty.jpg The True King Serperior.jpg Tip Jar.png

I'm taking lots of classes right now (seven, actually), but I'd sure like to start drawing Pokémon stuff again, maybe even do some Smog art for old-times'-sake.

Also, Steven☆Universe is my current-joint for now, so expect to see more of it.
All I can say about that is: "I'm sorry", or "you're welcome".

If you do have any Steven☆Universe art requests, feel free to drop it in this thread for me.

I love drawing the characters ♥...

...like, all of them.

For real.

Kay, bye.
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First things first, there's no need for "I'm sorry" in my case, as it's always neat to see fanart of not only Steven Universe but any other show/series of sorts. It certainly breaks the pattern of the usual poke art we mostly see. Regarding your recent most, that sure is a lot of "stuff". Your facial expressions are a joy to look at, and I assume we'll be seeing a lot more of these since you seem to use any good chance you can get for drawing the characters (I can only imagine that you probably have a truckload of doodles like these laying around here and there, heh).

Anyways, it's nice to see that you're back into drawing pokemon again, I'll look forward to more of your work! It's also a real shame that you've gotten through the whole thing with mistakenly entering a piece for a MAC that ended quite a long while ago but you might consider putting that behind and entering the new MAC.

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