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Hi everyone,
I just downloaded the Battle CAPacity game, and it's pretty fun so far, but a lot of the notation on the website confuses me. For example, on the Revenankh controls page, what on earth are B+M? Up + ? I can't figure it out. So basically, can someone tell me what B, M, D, S, F, and A are? Also, what does it mean when the input is written like x, y+z. Does this mean that you press the theoretical keys x, then release, then press y+z at the same time?

Also, one more question: I know at the first menu you use any of wasd to navigate and any of uiojkl to select, but which key selects shiny, which key selects non-shiny, and which key do I use to select the difficulty?

Okay, I lied, there'r two more: Is there a way to go from training to the main menu easily? Also, can I turn the sound off of the program individually?

W=Weak Attack (Default J)
M=Medium Attack (Default K)
S=Strong attack (Default L)

You are correct about the notation. For example, on Colossoil's Earthquake, d,b+a means press Down, release, and then press back and an attack key AT THE SAME TIME.

I don't know what shiny means, so if anyone else does, that would be nice for me too. :P

As for your last questions, to go back to the main menu, press pause (default Escape, and then press J+K+L (or whatever else your three attack keys are). This should take you back to the main menu.

I do not believe there is a way to mute the program besides simply turning your speakers off.

Hope this clears some of it up.
Wow, thanks. BTW the shinyness is determined at the char select screen, one button gives you a shiny sprite and one is normal, I just forget which >_< Anyways, thanks a ton!

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For Syclant and Revenankh, its the key for medium attack(i.e 5B).

For others, its the key for power attack(i.e 5C).

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