Here comes the BOOM! (Triples Team)

hows my tripels team sound so far? I actually have only lost 2 or 3 battles due to hax...

The Team

The Front Lines-

Hitmontop - Focus Sash - Technician
252 att/ 252 speed/ 4 hp..Adamant
-Fake Out
-Helping Hand

Pretty much my all out support pokemon.
'Top is able to stop eruption/waterspout
leads (not including jellicent) with fake out,
add 50% damage to snorlax's boom, and
stop wide guard users with feint.

Thick Fat - Normal Jewel
252 hp/ 252 att/ 4 def..Brave
-Brick Break-
The first kamikazee unit of the team. Snorlax
brings a lot of surprise to other triple teams, not really knowing
how to handle him. Selfdestruct is self explanatory, mauling
everything with normal jewel except for
ghosts and steels. I've never used crunch or brick break, but they're there in case I face an entire team of steels/ghosts.

Hypno - Insomnia - Mental Herb
252 hp/ 252 def/ 4 sp. def..Relaxed
Trick room-
Zen Headbutt-
Hypno is my next support pokemon, with it's main role
being to set up trick room, no matter what the cost. Mental herb
is to block taunts, while I usually trick room on turn 1. Protect is to
not get blown up by my own pokes, and zen headbutt is so if
I do get taunted, I'm not screwed. Snatch is an interesting move,
that let's me steal subs and other things in case the opponent tries
to block explosions or stall out trickroom. Insomnia allows my team to not be stopped by sleep inducers such as smeargle or amoongus.

The Reserves

Jellicent - Water Absorb - Water Jewel
252 Hp/ 252 Sp. Att/ 4 def..Quiet
-Water Spout
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
Jellicent is a solid trick room sweeper that is able to take out most of the things that weren't killed by self destruct. He pairs well with Lickiliky, being immune to it's explosion and can also utilize it's helping hand to wreak havoc. Ice Beam covers dragons, while shadow ball is to take on apposing jellicents that are immune to both Waterspout and explosion. Thinking about replacing protect with hidden power electric to better take on gyarados.

Lickiliky - Own Tempo - Normal Jewel
252 Hp/ 252 Att/ 4 def..Brave
-Aqua Tail
-Helping Hand

The next barrage of kamikazee comes in the form of lickiliky. Even pokemon that resist it's explosion sometimes can't handle him, when coming off stab and 375 BP. The other moves are mainly filler except fo rhelping hand, which allows usually jellicent to take on resistors. If there's only on or 2 pokemon left, I somtimes use helping hand on Conkledurr to snipe pokemon that he's super effective against.

Conkledurr - Guts - Flame Orb
252 Hp/ 252 Att/ 4 def..Brave
-Mach Punch
-Rock slide

Conkledurr is the ultimate janitor, using priority and speed in trick room to clean up everything. Mach punch takes care of most mons once flame orb activates. Protect is to activate the orb, and also make sure I don't get killed by my own pokemon. Payback when boosted by orb and sometimes helping hand takes care of all ghosts, with Rock slide covering the flying types and hitting multiple pokes.

Honestly the only problem witht his team is if I don't set up trick room, or the opponent knows my strategy. The first has only happened once, where hypno got critted, while the other i can usually play around by exploding at random times. This is usually how the game unfolds when I use this team.

Turn 1 - Hitmontop protects or fake otus (If opponent looks like the might use beat up, eruption, waterspout, other things that might OHKO or stop hypno). Snorlax also protects, and hypno usually tanks a hit and uses trick room.
Turn 2 - Hitmontop uses helping hand on snorlax, snorlax self destructs, and hypno uses protect. Hitmontop either dies or survives with focus sash, and snorlax is dead.
Turn 3 - Jellicent Replaces Snorlax in the middle, with Lickiliky coming in for 'top if he died. Lickiliky uses helping hand, and jellicent waterspouts the opposition. Hypno uses snatch in case they try to sub anything.
If they're any poekmon left after that, it's usually a done game anyways.

Any comments? I'm happy for criticism because i want this team to be the best triple team​


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I don't really have much to say about this team. It looks pretty solid.

Your Hitmontop isn't going to be doing much damage with Fake Out and Feint, though. If I were you, I'd replace Technician with Intimidate, which could help your team survive longer so that the real damage dealers can get in more hits.
You should use Toxic Orb over flame orb on your conkeldurr. Damage equals out on the third turn and in triples, he probably wont stay around that long.
3v3 seems like a pretty brave new metagame i'm probably someday try again ( i stoped out of frustration that when my marowak earthquake hit my alien like poke with telephaty, the client crashed)

still. it looks really solid .. ... probably conkeldurr is still a better option.. but a shadow sneak helping hand dusknoir could be an eventual option? does helping hands stack? still i think that conkel could be a better option picking steels....
soryy for not being exactly helpful :(

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