Hidden Avatars on Pokémon Showdown! [new avatars @ #244]


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Just wanted to bring up that Ethan and Lyra have their own Pokeathlon sprites!

Not sure what to do with these so I'll just post them here and see if people like them! They're pretty easy to find through a quick search on Bulbapedia and I didn't even know these existed until I tried getting all in-game trainer card stars and came across the Pokeathlon records room

I have noticed there are some missing sprites there. Don't misunderstand me, i know it takes time to upload them, my only worry is that get overlooked. The missing sprites i found are this:





I also would like to ask who exactly I should contact about new sprites, because i found some neat Gen 8 sprites in the internet, and the artists kindly let them be used in Pokémon Showdown (if credited properly, of course).

squeezing myself in for some ideas for alternate avatars/avatar versions you would love to see



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Thanks everyone for keeping this alive, I haven't been active but I promise that I'll update this thread as soon as I can! :heart:

Uhh no intention of being rude or something, but my question was left unattended: could someone kindly awnser me where should i go to propose new sprites for gen 8 characters?

You can contact any PS programmers like Zarel or HoeenHero, if they are not too busy they will attend your request.

please make champion leon an avatar
This is not the place to request sprites. That's Smeargle's Laptop.

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