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:ss/hitmonlee:i swear he looks like a chicken nugget or something

Hitmonlee's good Attack stat, Speed that lets it outpace most defensive Pokemon, and exclusive access to the extremely powerful High Jump Kick let it perform admirably as a wallbreaker, strong enough to OHKO even Rhydon. Hitmonlee's coverage in Rock Slide and Earthquake lets it threaten would-be answers like Zapdos and Nidoqueen, while Toxic allows it to lure Mew which would otherwise wall it. Unfortunately, Hitmonlee has several significant flaws. Its physical bulk is extremely poor, leaving it entirely unable to switch in on many of the physical attackers it aims to pressure such as Melmetal, Rhydon, and Mega Gyarados. Due to its middling Speed, Hitmonlee is vulnerable to a plethora of popular revenge killers, including Mega Beedrill, Alolan Dugtrio, and Starmie. It is also vitally outran and threatened by prominent Pokemon in the 100 Speed tier, namely Mew, Zapdos, and both Mega Charizards, regardless of its nature, and it struggles to significantly threaten Mega Venusaur at all.

name: Wallbreaker
move 1: High Jump Kick
move 2: Rock Slide
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Toxic / Bulk Up
item: No Item
nature: Adamant

Set Description

Hitmonlee's High Jump Kick is a spammable STAB move thanks to the rarity of Protect and Ghost-types. Rock Slide's coverage complements High Jump Kick, allowing Hitmonlee to threaten Flying-types such as Zapdos. Earthquake provides coverage for Poison-types like Nidoqueen and Gengar and provides a more reliable option for picking off weakened targets due to its perfect accuracy. Toxic lets Hitmonlee lure Mew, saving it from being complete fodder. Bulk Up allows Hitmonlee to more easily break targets like Starmie lacking Psychic and Zapdos lacking Drill Peck, as well as augmenting its lacking Defense to potentially survive revenge killing attempts from the likes of Mega Aerodactyl and Mega Beedrill, but dropping Toxic means Hitmonlee will require support to deal with Mew. An Adamant nature is preferred due to the scarcity of relevant Pokemon a Jolly Nature would let Hitmonlee outrun.

Usage Tips

Hitmonlee should be brought in as often as possible throughout a game in order to maximize the amount of damage it can deal to the opposing team. This can be done with good predictions or support in the form of U-Turn or Teleport. If it is safe to do so, going for Toxic early in a battle in order to status troublesome Pokemon like Mew or Zapdos as they switch in can give you a great advantage. Spamming High Jump Kick is a viable option as it greatly wears down any switch-ins alongside Stealth Rock. As such, coverage can be reserved for when it is absolutely necessary or for hard predictions.

Team Options

As a wallbreaker, Hitmonlee greatly appreciates Stealth Rock support in order to help wear down would-be answers. Nidoqueen, Rhydon, and Alolan Dugtrio can all provide this support while also acting as great responses to Zapdos. Melmetal and the aforementioned Rhydon are very useful teammates, able to switch in on physical attacks aimed at Hitmonlee from the likes of Mega Aerodactyl and Mega Beedrill. Both also act as very effective wallbreakers, forming a powerful offensive core with Hitmonlee that can help soften the opposing team. Late-game sweepers like Dragonite, Mega Alakazam, and Alolan Sandslash greatly benefit Hitmonlee's ability to wear down the opponent's defensive core in advance. Alolan Muk exploits Mew, Hitmonlee's most common answer, as well as helping to take on other Psychic-types like Mega Alakazam and Starmie. Mega Gyarados can also fill a similar role, trading a more powerful defensive typing for greater firepower and its own Water resistance. Pivots utilising U-Turn make for great teammates, allowing Hitmonlee to switch in safely on Pokemon it can threaten. Mew, Zapdos, and Mega Beedrill are the best examples, with the latter two often drawing in Pokemon weak to High Jump Kick such as Rhydon and Melmetal.

Other Options

Hitmonlee has access to Bulk Up, which may seem appealing. Unfortunately, its middling Speed makes sweeping difficult and it struggles to fit the move without compromising certain matchups. Poison Jab provides coverage for Clefable, but comes at the expense of coverage for more relevant Pokemon. Superpower is a more reliable alternative to High Jump Kick, but it is far less spammable due to its lower power and the Attack drop it provides. Facade can be used to exploit status, but its power is lacking as it is unable to 2HKO Mew even when statused.

Checks and Counters

**Mew and Starmie**: Mew and Starmie can switch in and heal off any damage Hitmonlee does to them while also threatening it with status or Psychic. However, both must be wary of Toxic which will limit their effectiveness.

**Zapdos**: Zapdos isn't hurt too badly by High Jump Kick and can threaten in return with Thunderbolt or Drill Peck, but it dislikes being afflicted with Toxic and has to be careful when using Roost due to Earthquake.

**Mega Venusaur**: Mega Venusaur can comfortably tank any attack from Hitmonlee and fire its own back. This exchange will, however, leave it significantly weakened.

**Revenge Killers**: Mega Beedrill, Mega Aerodactyl, Alolan Dugtrio, and Mega Alakazam are examples of Pokemon that can comfortably revenge kill Hitmonlee.

**Gengar**: While Gengar is OHKOed by Earthquake, its presence alone can dissuade Hitmonlee from freely spamming High Jump Kick.

- Written by: [[Eve, 375272]]
- Quality checked by: [[Vengeance417, 198446], [, ], [, ]]
- Grammar checked by: [[, ], [, ]]
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I'd add Gengar to checks and counters. It fears Earthquake, but it makes Hitmonlee think twice before clicking it's usually spammable HJK thanks to its Fighting-immunity.

Great work, 1/3!

hitmonlee is a vanilla wafer with limbs
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facade would only be used with bulk up, so citing that it cannot 2hko mew is misleading. bulk up + facade allows hitmonlee to pressure defensive mew that dont run psychic somewhat without running toxic (ofc it doesnt help it at all vs nasty plot mew, but u need at least one rly solid check to np mew regardless).
i think bulk up rly needs to be treated more significantly in the analysis, for example almost the entirety of checks and counters is no longer true when hitmonlee runs bulk up as detailed below. yes it makes mew an even bigger problem but the added bulk and power is invaluable. with bulk up only has room for two of eq rs and facade but with mgengar banned dropping eq is much more viable.
~ starmie doesnt always run psychic and if it doesnt its in potential 2hko range of any move if it switches into bulk up, while only hydro pump even potentially 2hkos first. if its water stab is scald its even worse 1v1.
~ zapdos is ohko'ed by +1 rock slide after rocks, and tbolt only sometimes 2hkos. whether hitmonlee has eq is not a factor since on the turn zapdos uses roost it would be ohko'ed by +1 hjk.
~ m-venu is 3-4hko'ed by +1 rock slide depending on natures, sludge bomb potentially 2hkos but risks boosting facade and mega drain 3hkos and provides a little recovery but its still not exactly a consistent check given rs flinch chance.
~ all the listed revenge killers except m-zam do 50-65% to +1 hitmonlee with their respective strongest moves (unless m-aero has aerial ace).

personally id prefer bulk up to either be slashed or be listed as a separate set, but even if u keep it in oo it has at least some level of viability and the checks and counters section needs to consider boosted hitmonlee (especially checks and counters, since that is the variant that is the hardest to check)
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