SS OU Hitmontop OU

Yoo Hitmontop spins up the OU ladder

Hitmontop life orb technician makes for a sneaky good sweeper with its priority moves and triple axle and endeavor is used to cripple something before it goes down.

Mandibuzz for a solid urshifu and spectrier counter with foul play to do some damage to the physical attackers and of course roost for recovery and u turn for momentum and defog for hazards

Slowking-Galar to counter most special attackers with the moveset with sludge bomb and psychic as powerful stab moves and scald and flamethrower to catch the mons that can switch in on it

Swampert physically defensive to counter ace and lando and other such mons as well stealth rocks to set up rocks and yawn to force switches and flip turn for momentum

Heatran on air balloon to switch in a other trans and magma and earth power protect and taunt to trap and deal with pex and other annoying mons

Magearna choice scarf with trick to cripple a mon and ice beam to catch lando s and zap Volt switch for momentum and fleur cannon for a powerful stab move

All around a fun team to use

Got to the team to 1600s and I admit I'm not the best battler be cool to see what someone else could do with it !
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