Pet Mod Hoenn Gaiden - On Break for PMPL

Good to see you back, Ema Skye. Also much belated congrats to ViZar for winning the tournament.

For now, I will "only" submit four entries, but I may add two more--still thinking on it.

1. Move Name: Circle Throw
Power: 60
Accuracy: 90%
PP 10 (16)


Effect: "Forces the target to switch to a random ally."
Priority: -6
Flags: Contact, Mirror, Protect
Potential Distribution: :exploud:, :kangaskhan:, :lopunny: (maybe), and :poliwrath: (all can get it officially) + :incineroar:, :ambipom: (maybe), and either :hariyama: OR :machamp: (though both might be fine)

Justification: One of the many weaker moves that I think is rather underrated in most instances despite its usefulness, though that's understandable, especially when Dragon Tail got introduced about the same time, got more distribution, and got away without having to deal with a type immunity until a Gen later. The type immunity by Ghost, lack of Stealth Rock, and lack of Scrappy not existing is why I think this would be fair despite the "all Spikes, all sand, all the time" meta of Gen III is why I think it would be fair, though its distribution should likely still be limited. It also should maybe omitted on Lopuuny(-Mega) since that's already OU worthy and gets STAB. Shrug.

2. Ability: Rattled (Gen VIII version)
Description: "Speed is raised 1 stage if hit by a Bug-, Dark-, or Ghost-type attack, or Intimidated."
Potential Distribution: :absol:, :delcatty:, :golisopod: & :wimpod:, :granbull: & :snubbull:, :persian-alola: & :meowth-alola: (over Pickup), :rapidash: (over Run Away), and :rapidash-Galar: (over Run Away). (Also :clamperl:, :magikarp:, :poochyena:, and :whismur:, but NOT their evolutions.)

Justification: This is the safer "punish Intimidate" ability option (probably). ...Wait, did you know that this Gen V ability finally got a minor buff and now activates off of Intimidate in Gen VIII? I imagine the answer is generally "no" given that either stuck on crappy mons, Little Cup mons, mons that have better options, or some combination thereof. As such, this attempts to fix at least that aspect via additional even if the ability itself is perhaps still not all that strong, which is fine given the only other options are Defiant (too strong) or....

3. Ability Name: Competitive
Description: "This Pokemon's Special Atk is raised by 2 for each of its stats that is lowered by a foe."
Potential Distribution: :crabominable: Crabominable (replaces Ice Body), :hitmonchan: Hitmonchan (replaces Keen Eye), :luvdisc: Luvdisc, :raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola & :rattata-alola: Rattata-Alola (over Run Away), :wigglytuff: Wigglytuff's line, and maybe :muk-alola: Muk-Alola & :grimer-alola: Grimer-Alola (over Stench) and/or :hypno: Hypno.

Justification: The riskier "punish Intimidate" option without just right beating it like Defiant does, which is why this is only going to crappier mons, mons that generally can't make use of their special (STAB) move pool otherwise yet don't have some other great stats to fall back like Weavile--for example does, and NOT Milotic, please, despite that officially getting it.

4. Item Name: Custap Berry

Description: "Holder moves first in its priority bracket when at 1/4 max HP or less. Single use."

Justification: Most of the better yet still balanced items have already been submitted in this Slate despite only Memories and Expert Belt being in Hoenn Gaiden as of yet. I was originally going to submit another item instead, but I'm still mulling that over, and this feels fair without being as all-or-nothing as Focus Sash. Finally, it arguably benefits the mons NOT immune to Sandstorm more (unless it KOs them of course) while also having some interesting use with Sturdy, which is only on Sandstorm-immune mons anyway. Come on, you all know you want to encourage more Explosions. /s
Rezzo's submission for: Type Reduction Berries.
Adds a lot of depth, making you consider "should I take something other than leftovers?" a lot more than currently without tipping balance too hard in one way or the other.

Z's submission for: Fur Coat
I think this concept is a really simple but effective one, it'd have some restrictions to the distribution but I do like it.

Yoshiblaze's submission for: Recover PP Nerf.
Nerf it's pp to be smol.

The Damned's submission for: Circle Throw.
They lay it out in the explanation pretty well why this is a good suggestion and I am inclined to agree, it can be a cool and interesting option to pack along for some pokemon.

The Damned's submission for: Custap Berry.
I for one WELCOME our new berry overlords.

(SV) Lord Zorz's submission for: Disable Buff
I genuinely believe the points I made about this move and would love to see it buffed to it's later gen status.
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I almost missed voting in here given the title didn't change:

1. Air Balloon
2. Super-Effective Damage Resist Berries
3. Fur Coat
4. Apple Acid
5. Clear Smog
6. Healing Wish

Ema Skye

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Also forgot to announce here that votes would close today, so here's another 24 hours.

Ema Skye

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Resist Berries, Fur Coat, Custap Berry, Recover nerf, Air Balloon, Stakeout and Circle Throw.

Next phase will be nominations for: Fur Coat, Stakeout and Circle Throw. Please use the following template:

Element Name: Fur Coat/Stakeout/Circle Throw
Pokemon that get it:

We'll do this for a few days while we get the berries, custap, recover and balloon coded.
Element Name: Fur Coat
Pokémon that get it: :raticate-alola: :wigglytuff: :persian-alola: :dewgong: :furret: :delcatty: :crabominable:
Justification: All of these Pokémon have a luxurious layer of fur, and Alolan Persian gets Fur Coat in canon. Alolan Raticate functions a bit more effectively as the bulkier version of normal Raticate, while Furret and Delcatty are both still pretty bad but now at least have something. Wigglytuff is probably also bad, but at least has a tremendous HP stat and support movepool to go along with it. Dewgong and Crabominable are the most interesting users in my opinion; as Ice-types, they're vulnerable to Fighting, Rock, and Steel moves, all of which are physical types, so Fur Coat helps neutralize those weaknesses. Dewgong is also quite bad, and Crabominable as I recall is still trying to find a niche; I think both of these would be much more usable with Fur Coat.

Element Name: Stakeout
Pokémon that get it: :dugtrio-alola: :ariados: :mawile: :cacturne: :seviper:
Justification: Stakeout is about lying in wait, something you could argue all of these Pokémon are known for. Ariados is sadly still too weak to do much of anything, and the same probably goes for Seviper, but all three others can do some really neat things. I'd suggest this replace Arena Trap on Alolan Dugtrio, because with its added Steel typing and lower Speed, Stakeout lets Alolan Dugtrio punish switching in a very different way to standard Dugtrio, massively chunking switch-ins. This would differentiate them further. Mawile can make use of its Steel typing to switch in and heavily damage whatever comes in to replace the things it forces out. Cacturne has by far the highest offenses of any Stakeout user, but its raw power grants it a niche despite its low bulk and speed, especially in combination with Sucker Punch.

Element Name: Circle Throw
Pokémon that get it: :nidoqueen: :poliwrath: :kangaskhan: :azumarill: :heracross: :hitmontop: :exploud: :hariyama: :mawile: :spinda: :kecleon: :dusclops: :toxicroak: :dusknoir: :chesnaught: :crabominable: :grimmsnarl:
Justification: Throwing you. Hitmontop, Chesnaught, and Grimmsnarl are the most interesting users of this in my opinion, as Hitmontop has Intimidate, Chesnaught can set its own hazards, and Grimmsnarl has Dark STAB to discourage Ghosts.
I pretty much agree with all of the above suggestions that Z-nogyroP made, which helps prevent me from blathering so much for once.

The only addition I can think of at present is to perhaps give Stakeout to :persian: and/or :perrserker: as parity with Persian-Alola getting Fur Coat (back) and given both the behavior of cats and given that Steel is such a crappy attacking type in before Gen IV. I guess you could also argue that Persian is a (better) stand-in for the Ability's only official user, Gumshoos, but that's incidental. Otherwise, those are the only suggestions that I have right now.

Ema Skye

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Would suggest :qwilfish: for Stakeout. Spikes has a pretty cool interaction with it, heavily punishing switches both with taking Spikes damage and doubling Qwilfish' power. Might actually give it a niche.

:ninetales: and :ninetales-alola: could work for Fur Coat. Both benefit from effectively neutralizing their heavy physical weaknesses.

Don't really have much to add for Circle Throw at the moment.


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agreed with all of them, but I'd like to add some stuff:

Fur Coat:
:absol: - Adds defensive utility for this Pokemon and allows it to actually switch in and fight back

Circle Throw:
:nidoking: - Helps it to abuse Spikes, good move for an offensive Pokemon
:granbull: - Taunt-immune phazing move is great for Granbull
:machamp: - mainly for flavor and racking up Spikes damage

Ema Skye

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Okay given the silence for a while, I think we can move to voting.

Pory-Z's list seemed unanimous, so it'll all get in. So we'll be voting on the other suggestions.


Stakeout: Persian, Qwilfish, Perrserker
Fur Coat: Ninetales, Ninetales-Alola, Absol
Circle Throw: Nidoking, Granbull, Machamp

You can vote for some or all.

Voting will end in a few days or whenever no one is talking again.


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Stakeout: Persian, Qwilfish, Perrserker
Fur Coat: Ninetales, Ninetales-Alola, Absol
Circle Throw: Nidoking, Granbull, Machamp

forgot to post giving recover to kecleon but idt that would've been allowed anyway so we good
Stakeout: Persian, Qwilfish, Perrserker
Fur Coat: Ninetales, Ninetales-Alola, Absol
Circle Throw: Nidoking, Granbull, Machamp

All fun additions imo.
Might as well do this now even though I'm still in the middle of something. Sigh.

Stakeout: Persian, Qwilfish, Perrserker
Fur Coat: Ninetales, Ninetales-Alola, Absol
Circle Throw: Nidoking, Granbull, Machamp


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I think these votes are unanimous so let me just copypaste
Ema Skye said:
Stakeout: Persian, Qwilfish, Perrserker
Fur Coat: Ninetales, Ninetales-Alola, Absol
Circle Throw: Nidoking, Granbull, Machamp
Alright, ciao servus

Ema Skye

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Okay, so that was a very obvious vote!

Stakeout: :dugtrio-alola: (over Sand Veil) :ariados: (over Insomnia) :mawile: (over Hyper Cutter) :cacturne: :seviper: :persian: (over Pickup) :qwilfish: (over Swift Swim) :perrserker: (over Pickup)
Fur Coat: :raticate-alola: (over Run Away) :wigglytuff: :persian-alola: (over Pickup) :dewgong: :furret: (over Run Away) :delcatty: :crabominable: (over Overcoat) :ninetales: :ninetales-alola: :absol:
Circle Throw: :nidoqueen: :poliwrath: :kangaskhan: :azumarill: :heracross: :hitmontop: :exploud: :hariyama: :mawile: :spinda: :kecleon: :dusclops: :toxicroak: :dusknoir: :chesnaught: :crabominable: :grimmsnarl: :nidoking: :granbull: :machamp:

Furthermore, we have decided to move ahead with adding the Hisuian Pokemon into the mod, following the same idea we did in Slate 11 when we added all the new-gen evos and regionals. Here are our new mons!:

Type: Normal/Psychic
Stats: 108/110/77/110/80/70 (we added 30 BST to give it parity with our buffed Stantler, so they function as Scyther/Scizor counterparts)
Abilities: Intimidate/Insomnia
No New Moves from Stantler (as we buffed Stantler previously)

Type: Bug/Rock
Stats: 70/135/95/45/70/85
Abilities: Swarm
New Moves (from Scyther): Rock Slide

Type: Normal/Ground
Stats: 130/140/105/45/80/50
Abilities: Guts
No New Moves from Ursaring

Type: Poison/Fighting
Stats: 80/130/60/40/80/120
Abilities: Pressure
Moves (compared to base Sneasel):
Gains: Rock Smash, Bulk Up, Focus Energy
Loses: Icy Wind, Blizzard, Hail, Ice Beam, Surf, Taunt, Thief, Snatch, Bite

Type: Dark/Poison
Stats: 85/115/95/65/65/85
Abilities: Intimidate/Poison Point
Moves (compared to base Qwilfish):
Gains: None :(
Loses: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Bubblebeam

Discuss the new moves and the new mons! We will post the next slate soonish (whenever I can put PLA down).
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Fur Coat Ninetales sounds fun, it'll be hard to break when coupled with Will-O-Wisp support.
Ninetales @ Leftovers
Ability: Fur Coat
EVs: 104 HP / 252 Def / 152 Spe
IVs: 2 Atk / 30 SpA
- Will-O-Wisp
- Fire Blast
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Substitute
+1 252 Atk Tyranitar Rock Slide vs. +2 104 HP / 252 Def Ninetales: 180-212 (57.5 - 67.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after sandstorm damage and Leftovers recovery
You can proc the Lum while Ttar Dragon Dances and then burn it T2.
Dumping some autogenerated Speed Tiers here!
:snorlax: Snorlax (No Investment): 96
:sunflora: Sunflora (No Investment): 96
:slowking-galar: Slowking-Galar (No Investment): 96
:slowbro-galar: Slowbro-Galar (No Investment): 96
:cursola: Cursola (No Investment): 96
:pincurchin: Pincurchin (No Investment): 96
:stunfisk: Stunfisk (No Investment): 100
:stunfisk-galar: Stunfisk-Galar (No Investment): 100
:forretress: Forretress (No Investment): 116
:sableye: Sableye (No Investment): 116
:rhyperior: Rhyperior (No Investment): 116
:probopass: Probopass (No Investment): 116
:golisopod: Golisopod (No Investment): 116
:guzzlord: Guzzlord (No Investment): 122
:dragalge: Dragalge (No Investment): 124
:golem-alola: Golem-Alola (No Investment): 126
:dusknoir: Dusknoir (No Investment): 126
:exeggutor-alola: Exeggutor-Alola (No Investment): 126
:chansey: Chansey (No Investment): 136
:registeel: Registeel (No Investment): 136
:eelektross: Eelektross (No Investment): 136
:lickilicky: Lickilicky (No Investment): 136
:tangrowth: Tangrowth (No Investment): 136
:perrserker: Perrserker (No Investment): 136
:muk-alola: Muk-Alola (No Investment): 136
:ursaluna: Ursaluna (No Investment): 136
:blissey: Blissey (No Investment): 146
:golurk: Golurk (No Investment): 146
:marowak-alola: Marowak-Alola (No Investment): 146
:marowak-alolatotem: Marowak-Alola-Totem (No Investment): 146
:swampert: Swampert (No Investment): 156
:abomasnow: Abomasnow (No Investment): 156
:jellicent: Jellicent (No Investment): 156
:incineroar: Incineroar (No Investment): 156
:magnezone: Magnezone (No Investment): 156
:weezing-galar: Weezing-Galar (No Investment): 156
:grimmsnarl: Grimmsnarl (No Investment): 156
:tyranitar: Tyranitar (No Investment): 158
:snorlax: Snorlax (High Investment): 159
:sunflora: Sunflora (High Investment): 159
:slowking-galar: Slowking-Galar (High Investment): 159
:slowbro-galar: Slowbro-Galar (High Investment): 159
:cursola: Cursola (High Investment): 159
:pincurchin: Pincurchin (High Investment): 159
:stunfisk: Stunfisk (High Investment): 163
:stunfisk-galar: Stunfisk-Galar (High Investment): 163
:alcremie: Alcremie (No Investment): 164
:glaceon: Glaceon (No Investment): 166
:sandslash-alola: Sandslash-Alola (No Investment): 166
:sirfetchd: Sirfetch’d (No Investment): 166
:chesnaught: Chesnaught (No Investment): 172
:snorlax: Snorlax (Max Investment): 174
:sunflora: Sunflora (Max Investment): 174
:slowking-galar: Slowking-Galar (Max Investment): 174
:slowbro-galar: Slowbro-Galar (Max Investment): 174
:cursola: Cursola (Max Investment): 174
:pincurchin: Pincurchin (Max Investment): 174
:magneton: Magneton (No Investment): 176
:skarmory: Skarmory (No Investment): 176
:breloom: Breloom (No Investment): 176
:metagross: Metagross (No Investment): 176
:wyrdeer: Wyrdeer (No Investment): 176
:honchkrow: Honchkrow (No Investment): 178
:forretress: Forretress (High Investment): 179
:sableye: Sableye (High Investment): 179
:rhyperior: Rhyperior (High Investment): 179
:probopass: Probopass (High Investment): 179
:golisopod: Golisopod (High Investment): 179
:stunfisk: Stunfisk (Max Investment): 179
:stunfisk-galar: Stunfisk-Galar (Max Investment): 179
:guzzlord: Guzzlord (High Investment): 185
:claydol: Claydol (No Investment): 186
:dracovish: Dracovish (No Investment): 186
:dragalge: Dragalge (High Investment): 187
:golem-alola: Golem-Alola (High Investment): 189
:dusknoir: Dusknoir (High Investment): 189
:exeggutor-alola: Exeggutor-Alola (High Investment): 189
:raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola (No Investment): 190
:venusaur: Venusaur (No Investment): 196
:dragonite: Dragonite (No Investment): 196
:forretress: Forretress (Max Investment): 196
:sableye: Sableye (Max Investment): 196
:mamoswine: Mamoswine (No Investment): 196
:rhyperior: Rhyperior (Max Investment): 196
:probopass: Probopass (Max Investment): 196
:togekiss: Togekiss (No Investment): 196
:gallade: Gallade (No Investment): 196
:golisopod: Golisopod (Max Investment): 196
:regidrago: Regidrago (No Investment): 196
:gyarados: Gyarados (No Investment): 198
:chansey: Chansey (High Investment): 199
:registeel: Registeel (High Investment): 199
:eelektross: Eelektross (High Investment): 199
:lickilicky: Lickilicky (High Investment): 199
:tangrowth: Tangrowth (High Investment): 199
:perrserker: Perrserker (High Investment): 199
:muk-alola: Muk-Alola (High Investment): 199
:ursaluna: Ursaluna (High Investment): 199
:magmortar: Magmortar (No Investment): 202
:guzzlord: Guzzlord (Max Investment): 203
:dragalge: Dragalge (Max Investment): 205
:heracross: Heracross (No Investment): 206
:suicune: Suicune (No Investment): 206
:toxicroak: Toxicroak (No Investment): 206
:cramorant: Cramorant (No Investment): 206
:kleavor: Kleavor (No Investment): 206
:overqwil: Overqwil (No Investment): 206
:golem-alola: Golem-Alola (Max Investment): 207
:dusknoir: Dusknoir (Max Investment): 207
:exeggutor-alola: Exeggutor-Alola (Max Investment): 207
:blissey: Blissey (High Investment): 209
:golurk: Golurk (High Investment): 209
:marowak-alola: Marowak-Alola (High Investment): 209
:marowak-alolatotem: Marowak-Alola-Totem (High Investment): 209
:moltres: Moltres (No Investment): 216
:mrrime: Mr. Rime (No Investment): 216
:roserade: Roserade (No Investment): 216
:porygonz: Porygon-Z (No Investment): 216
:moltres-galar: Moltres-Galar (No Investment): 216
:chansey: Chansey (Max Investment): 218
:registeel: Registeel (Max Investment): 218
:eelektross: Eelektross (Max Investment): 218
:lickilicky: Lickilicky (Max Investment): 218
:tangrowth: Tangrowth (Max Investment): 218
:perrserker: Perrserker (Max Investment): 218
:muk-alola: Muk-Alola (Max Investment): 218
:ursaluna: Ursaluna (Max Investment): 218
:swampert: Swampert (High Investment): 219
:abomasnow: Abomasnow (High Investment): 219
:jellicent: Jellicent (High Investment): 219
:incineroar: Incineroar (High Investment): 219
:magnezone: Magnezone (High Investment): 219
:weezing-galar: Weezing-Galar (High Investment): 219
:grimmsnarl: Grimmsnarl (High Investment): 219
:krookodile: Krookodile (No Investment): 220
:tyranitar: Tyranitar (High Investment): 221
:cloyster: Cloyster (No Investment): 226
:houndoom: Houndoom (No Investment): 226
:gliscor: Gliscor (No Investment): 226
:silvally: Silvally (No Investment): 226
:silvallyfighting: Silvally-Fighting (No Investment): 226
:silvallyflying: Silvally-Flying (No Investment): 226
:silvallyghost: Silvally-Ghost (No Investment): 226
:silvallyground: Silvally-Ground (No Investment): 226
:silvallysteel: Silvally-Steel (No Investment): 226
:uxie: Uxie (No Investment): 226
:leafeon: Leafeon (No Investment): 226
:electivire: Electivire (No Investment): 226
:yanmega: Yanmega (No Investment): 226
:articuno-galar: Articuno-Galar (No Investment): 226
:obstagoon: Obstagoon (No Investment): 226
:alcremie: Alcremie (High Investment): 227
:blissey: Blissey (Max Investment): 229
:golurk: Golurk (Max Investment): 229
:glaceon: Glaceon (High Investment): 229
:marowak-alola: Marowak-Alola (Max Investment): 229
:marowak-alolatotem: Marowak-Alola-Totem (Max Investment): 229
:sandslash-alola: Sandslash-Alola (High Investment): 229
:sirfetchd: Sirfetch’d (High Investment): 229
:hitmonlee: Hitmonlee (No Investment): 230
:girafarig: Girafarig (No Investment): 232
:golisopod: Golisopod (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 232
:chesnaught: Chesnaught (High Investment): 235
:zapdos: Zapdos (No Investment): 236
:entei: Entei (No Investment): 236
:celebi: Celebi (No Investment): 236
:slaking: Slaking (No Investment): 236
:flygon: Flygon (No Investment): 236
:salamence: Salamence (No Investment): 236
:jirachi: Jirachi (No Investment): 236
:staraptor: Staraptor (No Investment): 236
:zapdos-galar: Zapdos-Galar (No Investment): 236
:magneton: Magneton (High Investment): 239
:skarmory: Skarmory (High Investment): 239
:breloom: Breloom (High Investment): 239
:metagross: Metagross (High Investment): 239
:wyrdeer: Wyrdeer (High Investment): 239
:swampert: Swampert (Max Investment): 240
:abomasnow: Abomasnow (Max Investment): 240
:jellicent: Jellicent (Max Investment): 240
:incineroar: Incineroar (Max Investment): 240
:magnezone: Magnezone (Max Investment): 240
:weezing-galar: Weezing-Galar (Max Investment): 240
:grimmsnarl: Grimmsnarl (Max Investment): 240
:honchkrow: Honchkrow (High Investment): 241
:tyranitar: Tyranitar (Max Investment): 243
:ledian: Ledian (No Investment): 246
:plusle: Plusle (No Investment): 246
:cryogonal: Cryogonal (No Investment): 246
:zarude: Zarude (No Investment): 246
:zarudedada: Zarude-Dada (No Investment): 246
:mismagius: Mismagius (No Investment): 246
:rapidash-galar: Rapidash-Galar (No Investment): 246
:claydol: Claydol (High Investment): 249
:dracovish: Dracovish (High Investment): 249
:alcremie: Alcremie (Max Investment): 249
:glaceon: Glaceon (Max Investment): 251
:sandslash-alola: Sandslash-Alola (Max Investment): 251
:sirfetchd: Sirfetch’d (Max Investment): 251
:raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola (High Investment): 253
:ninetales-alola: Ninetales-Alola (No Investment): 254
:gengar: Gengar (No Investment): 256
:froslass: Froslass (No Investment): 256
:raichu-alola: Raichu-Alola (No Investment): 256
:dugtrio-alola: Dugtrio-Alola (No Investment): 256
:chesnaught: Chesnaught (Max Investment): 258
:venusaur: Venusaur (High Investment): 259
:dragonite: Dragonite (High Investment): 259
:mamoswine: Mamoswine (High Investment): 259
:togekiss: Togekiss (High Investment): 259
:gallade: Gallade (High Investment): 259
:regidrago: Regidrago (High Investment): 259
:gyarados: Gyarados (High Investment): 261
:magneton: Magneton (Max Investment): 262
:skarmory: Skarmory (Max Investment): 262
:breloom: Breloom (Max Investment): 262
:metagross: Metagross (Max Investment): 262
:wyrdeer: Wyrdeer (Max Investment): 262
:honchkrow: Honchkrow (Max Investment): 265
:magmortar: Magmortar (High Investment): 265
:starmie: Starmie (No Investment): 266
:raikou: Raikou (No Investment): 266
:ambipom: Ambipom (No Investment): 266
:persian-alola: Persian-Alola (No Investment): 266
:heracross: Heracross (High Investment): 269
:suicune: Suicune (High Investment): 269
:toxicroak: Toxicroak (High Investment): 269
:cramorant: Cramorant (High Investment): 269
:kleavor: Kleavor (High Investment): 269
:overqwil: Overqwil (High Investment): 269
:claydol: Claydol (Max Investment): 273
:dracovish: Dracovish (Max Investment): 273
:dugtrio: Dugtrio (No Investment): 276
:alakazam: Alakazam (No Investment): 276
:sneasler: Sneasler (No Investment): 276
:raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola (Max Investment): 278
:moltres: Moltres (High Investment): 279
:mrrime: Mr. Rime (High Investment): 279
:roserade: Roserade (High Investment): 279
:porygonz: Porygon-Z (High Investment): 279
:moltres-galar: Moltres-Galar (High Investment): 279
:krookodile: Krookodile (High Investment): 283
:venusaur: Venusaur (Max Investment): 284
:dragonite: Dragonite (Max Investment): 284
:mamoswine: Mamoswine (Max Investment): 284
:togekiss: Togekiss (Max Investment): 284
:gallade: Gallade (Max Investment): 284
:regidrago: Regidrago (Max Investment): 284
:lopunny: Lopunny (No Investment): 286
:weavile: Weavile (No Investment): 286
:gyarados: Gyarados (Max Investment): 287
:talonflame: Talonflame (No Investment): 288
:cloyster: Cloyster (High Investment): 289
:houndoom: Houndoom (High Investment): 289
:gliscor: Gliscor (High Investment): 289
:silvally: Silvally (High Investment): 289
:silvallyfighting: Silvally-Fighting (High Investment): 289
:silvallyflying: Silvally-Flying (High Investment): 289
:silvallyghost: Silvally-Ghost (High Investment): 289
:silvallyground: Silvally-Ground (High Investment): 289
:silvallysteel: Silvally-Steel (High Investment): 289
:uxie: Uxie (High Investment): 289
:leafeon: Leafeon (High Investment): 289
:electivire: Electivire (High Investment): 289
:yanmega: Yanmega (High Investment): 289
:articuno-galar: Articuno-Galar (High Investment): 289
:obstagoon: Obstagoon (High Investment): 289
:magmortar: Magmortar (Max Investment): 291
:marowak-alola: Marowak-Alola (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 292
:marowak-alolatotem: Marowak-Alola-Totem (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 292
:hitmonlee: Hitmonlee (High Investment): 293
:girafarig: Girafarig (High Investment): 295
:heracross: Heracross (Max Investment): 295
:suicune: Suicune (Max Investment): 295
:toxicroak: Toxicroak (Max Investment): 295
:cramorant: Cramorant (Max Investment): 295
:kleavor: Kleavor (Max Investment): 295
:overqwil: Overqwil (Max Investment): 295
:jolteon: Jolteon (No Investment): 296
:aerodactyl: Aerodactyl (No Investment): 296
:zapdos: Zapdos (High Investment): 299
:entei: Entei (High Investment): 299
:celebi: Celebi (High Investment): 299
:slaking: Slaking (High Investment): 299
:flygon: Flygon (High Investment): 299
:salamence: Salamence (High Investment): 299
:jirachi: Jirachi (High Investment): 299
:staraptor: Staraptor (High Investment): 299
:zapdos-galar: Zapdos-Galar (High Investment): 299
:moltres: Moltres (Max Investment): 306
:mrrime: Mr. Rime (Max Investment): 306
:roserade: Roserade (Max Investment): 306
:porygonz: Porygon-Z (Max Investment): 306
:moltres-galar: Moltres-Galar (Max Investment): 306
:ledian: Ledian (High Investment): 309
:plusle: Plusle (High Investment): 309
:cryogonal: Cryogonal (High Investment): 309
:zarude: Zarude (High Investment): 309
:zarudedada: Zarude-Dada (High Investment): 309
:mismagius: Mismagius (High Investment): 309
:rapidash-galar: Rapidash-Galar (High Investment): 309
:krookodile: Krookodile (Max Investment): 311
:abomasnow: Abomasnow (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 312
:incineroar: Incineroar (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 312
:cloyster: Cloyster (Max Investment): 317
:houndoom: Houndoom (Max Investment): 317
:gliscor: Gliscor (Max Investment): 317
:silvally: Silvally (Max Investment): 317
:silvallyfighting: Silvally-Fighting (Max Investment): 317
:silvallyflying: Silvally-Flying (Max Investment): 317
:silvallyghost: Silvally-Ghost (Max Investment): 317
:silvallyground: Silvally-Ground (Max Investment): 317
:silvallysteel: Silvally-Steel (Max Investment): 317
:uxie: Uxie (Max Investment): 317
:leafeon: Leafeon (Max Investment): 317
:electivire: Electivire (Max Investment): 317
:yanmega: Yanmega (Max Investment): 317
:ninetales-alola: Ninetales-Alola (High Investment): 317
:articuno-galar: Articuno-Galar (Max Investment): 317
:obstagoon: Obstagoon (Max Investment): 317
:gengar: Gengar (High Investment): 319
:froslass: Froslass (High Investment): 319
:raichu-alola: Raichu-Alola (High Investment): 319
:dugtrio-alola: Dugtrio-Alola (High Investment): 319
:hitmonlee: Hitmonlee (Max Investment): 322
:girafarig: Girafarig (Max Investment): 324
:zapdos: Zapdos (Max Investment): 328
:entei: Entei (Max Investment): 328
:celebi: Celebi (Max Investment): 328
:slaking: Slaking (Max Investment): 328
:flygon: Flygon (Max Investment): 328
:salamence: Salamence (Max Investment): 328
:jirachi: Jirachi (Max Investment): 328
:staraptor: Staraptor (Max Investment): 328
:zapdos-galar: Zapdos-Galar (Max Investment): 328
:starmie: Starmie (High Investment): 329
:raikou: Raikou (High Investment): 329
:ambipom: Ambipom (High Investment): 329
:persian-alola: Persian-Alola (High Investment): 329
:dugtrio: Dugtrio (High Investment): 339
:alakazam: Alakazam (High Investment): 339
:ledian: Ledian (Max Investment): 339
:plusle: Plusle (Max Investment): 339
:cryogonal: Cryogonal (Max Investment): 339
:zarude: Zarude (Max Investment): 339
:zarudedada: Zarude-Dada (Max Investment): 339
:mismagius: Mismagius (Max Investment): 339
:rapidash-galar: Rapidash-Galar (Max Investment): 339
:sneasler: Sneasler (High Investment): 339
:chesnaught: Chesnaught (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 344
:ninetales-alola: Ninetales-Alola (Max Investment): 348
:lopunny: Lopunny (High Investment): 349
:weavile: Weavile (High Investment): 349
:gengar: Gengar (Max Investment): 350
:froslass: Froslass (Max Investment): 350
:raichu-alola: Raichu-Alola (Max Investment): 350
:dugtrio-alola: Dugtrio-Alola (Max Investment): 350
:talonflame: Talonflame (High Investment): 351
:golisopod: Golisopod (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 358
:jolteon: Jolteon (High Investment): 359
:aerodactyl: Aerodactyl (High Investment): 359
:starmie: Starmie (Max Investment): 361
:raikou: Raikou (Max Investment): 361
:ambipom: Ambipom (Max Investment): 361
:persian-alola: Persian-Alola (Max Investment): 361
:deoxysspeed: Deoxys-Speed (No Investment): 366
:dugtrio: Dugtrio (Max Investment): 372
:alakazam: Alakazam (Max Investment): 372
:sneasler: Sneasler (Max Investment): 372
:raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 380
:lopunny: Lopunny (Max Investment): 383
:weavile: Weavile (Max Investment): 383
:talonflame: Talonflame (Max Investment): 386
:regidrago: Regidrago (High Investment, + 1): 388
:gallade: Gallade (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 392
:golisopod: Golisopod (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 392
:regidrago: Regidrago (No Investment, + 2): 392
:jolteon: Jolteon (Max Investment): 394
:aerodactyl: Aerodactyl (Max Investment): 394
:overqwil: Overqwil (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 412
:marowak-alola: Marowak-Alola (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 418
:marowak-alolatotem: Marowak-Alola-Totem (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 418
:regidrago: Regidrago (Max Investment, + 1): 426
:deoxysspeed: Deoxys-Speed (High Investment): 429
:regieleki: Regieleki (No Investment): 436
:abomasnow: Abomasnow (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 438
:incineroar: Incineroar (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 438
:flygon: Flygon (High Investment, + 1): 448
:gliscor: Gliscor (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 452
:silvally: Silvally (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 452
:leafeon: Leafeon (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 452
:marowak-alola: Marowak-Alola (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 458
:marowak-alolatotem: Marowak-Alola-Totem (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 458
:chesnaught: Chesnaught (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 470
:deoxysspeed: Deoxys-Speed (Max Investment): 471
:flygon: Flygon (No Investment, + 2): 472
:abomasnow: Abomasnow (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 480
:incineroar: Incineroar (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 480
:ledian: Ledian (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Tail Glow]): 492
:flygon: Flygon (Max Investment, + 1): 492
:regieleki: Regieleki (High Investment): 499
:raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 506
:chesnaught: Chesnaught (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 516
:gallade: Gallade (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 518
:regidrago: Regidrago (High Investment, + 2): 518
:raikou: Raikou (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Tail Glow]): 532
:cramorant: Cramorant (High Investment, + 2): 538
:overqwil: Overqwil (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 538
:regieleki: Regieleki (Max Investment): 548
:sneasler: Sneasler (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 552
:raticate-alola: Raticate-Alola (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 556
:moltres-galar: Moltres-Galar (High Investment, + 2): 558
:gallade: Gallade (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 568
:regidrago: Regidrago (Max Investment, + 2): 568
:talonflame: Talonflame (No Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 576
:gliscor: Gliscor (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 578
:silvally: Silvally (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 578
:leafeon: Leafeon (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 578
:articuno-galar: Articuno-Galar (High Investment, + 2): 578
:cramorant: Cramorant (Max Investment, + 2): 590
:overqwil: Overqwil (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 590
:flygon: Flygon (High Investment, + 2): 598
:staraptor: Staraptor (High Investment, + 2): 598
:zapdos-galar: Zapdos-Galar (High Investment, + 2): 598
:moltres-galar: Moltres-Galar (Max Investment, + 2): 612
:ledian: Ledian (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Tail Glow]): 618
:gliscor: Gliscor (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 634
:silvally: Silvally (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 634
:leafeon: Leafeon (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 634
:articuno-galar: Articuno-Galar (Max Investment, + 2): 634
:flygon: Flygon (Max Investment, + 2): 656
:staraptor: Staraptor (Max Investment, + 2): 656
:zapdos-galar: Zapdos-Galar (Max Investment, + 2): 656
:raikou: Raikou (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Tail Glow]): 658
:ledian: Ledian (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Tail Glow]): 678
:sneasler: Sneasler (High Investment, + 2): 678
:sneasler: Sneasler (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 678
:lopunny: Lopunny (High Investment, + 2): 698
:talonflame: Talonflame (High Investment, + 2): 702
:talonflame: Talonflame (High Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 702
:raikou: Raikou (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Tail Glow]): 722
:sneasler: Sneasler (Max Investment, + 2): 744
:sneasler: Sneasler (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 744
:lopunny: Lopunny (Max Investment, + 2): 766
:talonflame: Talonflame (Max Investment, + 2): 772
:talonflame: Talonflame (Max Investment, + 2 [Speed Pass + Swords Dance]): 772
:regieleki: Regieleki (High Investment, + 2): 998
:regieleki: Regieleki (Max Investment, + 2): 1096
Note that it doesn't pick up on inherited moves, so anything that inherits Agility/Dragon Dance/Swords Dance/Tail Glow and doesn't learn it itself will have to be manually added to the list. Enjoy! Let me know if you want me to run any more algorithms on Discord, this one was coded mainly using algorithms.
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Found out today I missed two mons in the Hisui update!

Type: Fire/Rock
Stats: 95/115/80/95/80/90
Abilities: Intimidate/Flash Fire
New Moves: (from Arcanine) Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Earthquake

Type: Electric/Grass
Stats: 60/50/70/80/80/150
Abilities: Static/Chlorophyll (yes)
New Moves: (from Electrode) Magical Leaf, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Aromatherapy, Sunny Day

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