Home Field Advantage IV - First Round

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lost to ninety nine, gg
calling activity on my other two opponents, they missed their scheduled times
bro i was sitting on smogtours and you never messaged me. what are you talking about? i'll be on tomorrow after 2 PM Est lets try and get this done!


It's Vince, friend
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Dubby can not host anymore, I will manage the tournament from now. If you contacted him by PM/VM/IRC/idkwhere you may want to tell me what's up.

Lfrs subs in for Doctor_DraX (Group F)
fapkingg subs in for idriift (Group I)
vakatalesau subs in for Rare Poison (Group J)
ZoroDark subs in for snagaa (Group W)

zdrup15 and LetMeShine-, if you notify me by tonight, I can sub you over a 0-1 guy. I am sorry, there is no inactive player with 0-0 anymore. Otherwise, those were the final substitutes.
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