Hot N Cold's RU Revamps

Quagsire - minor update scms

Quagsire analysis is fine, since is just a very niche mon and only with a set viable and useful, only that needs mention Protect on the main set to avoid some 2hko from stuff like Gallade LO or just to scout Hidden Power Grass or another grass attacks.

Manectric - Revamp

Needs only 2 sets, LO Manectric is bad in my opinion, just 1) Choice Scarf 2) Special Attacker (Expert Belt / Specs slash). Needs more mention to Hidden Power Ice on the main sets, stuff like Druddigon is much more used than Lanturn.

Magneton - Revamp

Magneton is very good on this metagame, needs a full revamp. 4 atk Magneton is better than substitute one, Restalker out in my opinion; Restalker Magneton just was very niche on Hail metagame and now with Hail gone... Also the big point to Magneton is just steel killer depending on the set (item mostly), so no point to use an Analytic Magneton Resttalker with a terrible sleep BW mechanics + no leftovers. Needs mention Endure + Custap and more mention to temmates that takes advantage to trap steels.

Drapion - Revamp

First set should be Specially Defensive with Toxic Spikes, to discuss the offensive sets: CB / Offensive or Bulky SD. Personally I like Choice Band and Bulky Sword Dance, first hit hard and a good trapper, while the bulky SD can break some cores like TanKing.

Moltres - minor update scms

With Agility set on the analysis, only miss a QC check. Except that some wanna add a Sunny Day Moltres set? I think that is cool but honestly was better on Hail era, and sets like the Specs one can break things with the right prediction and w/o losing a turn unlike Sunny Day Moltres.
Otherwise, quit Agility mention on OO and Sleep talk deserved be added on the main Choice Specs set, so is useful for Smeargle / Amoonguss / Tangrowth.

Liepard - minor update scms

lol, i think that the current analysis is fine, maybe add assist and quit Nasty Plot set from the main sets, just add to OO, very bad defenses and hp + poor SpA, priority encore and
nasty plot looks anecdotal with their stat / movepool.
Torterra - WIP

SilentVerse is just working on Torterra, my only doubts in about offensive tank :x Otherwise, is perfect

Zangoose - minor update scms

Looks fine, only 1 set viable, only thing is that I should to mention stronger for SD / Facade / Night Slash / Close Combat, w/o Quick Attack struggles against faster things but this set SD with this coverage destroys totally stall teams: SD and Facade are mandatory, Night Slash necessary to break Spiritomb / Mismagius / other bulkier ghost (almost a staple on defensive teams) and Close Combat for steels and rock types.

Relicanth - minor update scms

Rain Dance one sucks imo die too fast, just mention swift swim like a secondary slash with rock head for CB one.

Maybe a bulky tank version SR with Rock Head and leftovers?

Simipour - Revamp

Choice Specs sucks, prolly slash Focus Blast on NP set, so just a single set but with a stronger explanation and with their options.

Rotom-S - Revamp

Quit Choice Specs and SubCharge Beam, rest with this order: Pain split LO -> Scarf -> Bulky one

Uxie - minor update scms

The sets looks right so far. Mention Chesto rest CM Uxie and probably fix some evs spread but small things.

Accelgor - minor update scms

Quit Choice Specs on the offensive set. Maybe mention something like Unburden + BP Encore to pass an extra in speed after because the use Bug Buzz with Bug Gem.
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Considering I've used Manectric a fair bit, I'll put in my two cents on it. HP Ice definitely needs a bigger mention, but primarily on the Special Attacker set. The Scarf set will usually be using Volt Switch, so you can just bring something in to handle the Druddigon switch-in. (there's only a 14.84% chance to 2HKO the standard SR Druddigon after Stealth Rock) Meanwhile, EBelt Manectric always 2HKOes the same set under the same circumstances, so HP Ice does have some merit on the Special Attacker set, but not so much with the Scarf set as it doesn't quite have the power to break past Druddigon. Scarf set needs a small tone down. Still a good set, but it's not the absolute best Scarfer in the tier anymore.

As for Magneton, I still think the SpDef set is good enough. While there's no denying that it took a big blow with Hail being banned, it still has amazing resistances to Grass-, Electric-, Bug-, and Flying-type moves among many others. The use of Analytic and RestTalk is a bit questionable, but I think the set should stay considering it resists a lot of common (primarily) special attack types.


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On Manectric, for Scarf I always use Volt Switch/Overheat/Thunderbolt/Switcheroo and tbh I never feel like I actually need HP Ice. Actually I don't feel like I need Hidden Power at all most of the time. Maybe AC at best on Scarf but really I rarely think I am in need of either Hidden Power on that set unless I want to cover one relavent target (Rhydon and Druddigon) as opposed to having momentum, a cleaning move, a strong coverage move that gets Grass and Steelixes, and something to cripple walls.

Endure + Cutsap on Magneton seems like an OO sort of thing since it is pretty much used only to revenge kill like Rock Polish Aggron or something.


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Just a quick note about Offensive Tank Torterra. It's p. good. I've used it a bit as of late and it hasn't really disappointed me tbh. It's able to come in quite easily against most physical attackers if they lack a super effective move and then utilize its strong STABs to start denting stuff.

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