How did you meet your Showdown friends?

After reading the chat log threads, i'm curious about how you all met your Showdown friends. Whether it was through battling, in real life, or in lobbies. Who are your showdown friends and how did you meet them and develop that relationship. Finally, what tips would you give to people trying to make friends on Pokemon Showdown?



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i've met a fair few people i knew through irc, pokemon lab, or showdown. most of them are fellow melbournians, plus a few who were visiting from interstate for other reasons. i actually ended up as a teaching assistant in one of Alter's classes which was pretty funny.

honestly, if there's anyone on here from melbourne and old enough to grab a drink, i'd be keen to have a meet up at a pub somewhere.

regarding making friends online, i used to be into it a lot more than i am now. i don't think there's anything wrong with it though, just not my thing anymore.


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I've only met a few people irl from PS aka Majorbling , Raven and h_n_g_m_n (funnily enough I was a 5 minute walk away from Major when he was down here for uni and we used to hang out and go for drinks) but mainly was friends with people due to being staff on the sim.

When I started I was mainly involved with Tournaments and thats where I started to know people and it all blossomed from there

Tips on how to make friends, honestly, is to contribute positively in rooms so that the room regulars respect you and who knows you may get promoted to voice or further. That's pretty much how I did it and I'd never look back at some of the friendships I've made.
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I can confirm that bumbadadabum has no friends.

anyway for me it's mostly just "got stuck in the same room as them long enough" since I've been on PS since before there were multiple chatrooms


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The majority of the friends i've made on PS are from the Sun & Moon room. For a while that was p much the only room I ever talked in so naturally i got to know the users and the staff and voila, ended up making multiple friends as well as getting promoted to roommod. I've been active in other rooms since then and made a lot more friends as well. I found out a few users on PS happen to live not so far from me (Long Island, NY) which is pretty neat. Haven't met any yet but maybe one day. Never hurts to join discussion in rooms, the majority of users are kindhearted and are there to have a good time. The trolls/idiots are far and few between thankfully, and besides, if you ever encounter such idiots report em to a staff member, that's why they exist after all :)


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Via league community on silly monotype side servers, which means my friends are all headass mfs.....:facepalm:
Most of my Smogon buddies reside in the CAP room on Showdown, and I still chat with them on Discord and the forums. I go to the art room on occasion, but I mostly interact with the artists on the forums and Discord. The CAP metagame is relatively obscure compared to other metas like Doubles or Monotype, so it's nice to see people who care about the project.
Stratos (former Doubles mod) attended my university and was in the same grade as me (I have since left that institution for Dartmouth). He seemed like a knowledgeable guy in person, but his online persona was incredibly crass, especially on reddit, where he would post racist and sexist remarks on /r/thedonald or other alt-right threads.

Personally, the people I meet on Smogon chats aren't people that I would go specifically out of my way to meet in person because there is no inherent incentive to do so.

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UU, The Old Tutoring room, Survivor (Private Room version), a handful of private rooms.

Only a few people I know IRL play Showdown.
I have a bit of a story to tell, I'm, aware that few will be interested but it's fun for me to tell it so here I am.

I started by joining another pokemon fansite roughly 5 years ago. I was completely new to the competitive scene. I was 13 at the time, and my personality was very much that of a typical smarky 13 year old. I was very annoying, thought I was better than people and generally just was a nuisance. But for some reasons some people liked me. As I got used to what was my first every real online culture, I grew a bit, respected people more and became more mature.

Yes ladies and gentleman, a pokemon fansite genuinely made me a better person. Such a nerd, I know.

Anywho, some of these friends introduced me to showdown! tm and I was awestruck at the time. Being 5 years ago, this was the old old showdown. I can't even remember what it looked like really but it was much more clunky. But I still loved it. i made a bit of a name for myself (or selves, I used a lot of alts and didn't tell people who I was on other servers because I was still an edgy teen), integrating into rooms and servers, cosying up to mods often. I don't know why but people liked me. 3rd party servers don't stay for very long so I tended to jump ship, but I was a mainstay in kupo, oriserver, gold, tervari and a few others (though I almost never had auth in any of these ;~;). I made a lot of friends, some I stayed with for ages, while with others we parted ways after a short but sweet friendship. Most of my friends in pokemon come from the other fansite, not naming because I don't wanna sound like I'm advertising.

Bare in mind this is all without having a smogon account. I didn't like smogon at the time, and while I made this account 3 (I think?) years ago I didn't use it until last year.

As for my present day friends, I have a somewhat friendship with much of the LC room/discord, since that's where I hang out.

I actually have a fairly rich history on showdown which I can account at length, but I don't many would be interested.

Anyway thanks for letting me post this boring ridiculousness, it's nice to make long posts sometimes.

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