How do I get my teams back?

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Since i cant find how to fix this on Google, and Yahoo! Answers is useless, I figured I'd ask it here.
I know this thread is probably breaking some rules, so I'll remove the thread when my problem has been solved (if i can't then i guess a mod can remove it)

I reset Firefox because i has having troubles with the internet, and it copied all the original information about Firefox (such as cookies, bookmarks, Pokemon Showdown teams, etc) into a folder on my desktop, and the new Firefox has nothing on it. How do i get all my stuff back onto the new Firefox? I'm using a Mac, if that helps.

Screenshots of the folders and stuff:



you make me want to netscape from this hellhole
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This is more a question for Google and Firefox troubleshooting than the PS forum, searching on how to restore cookies and the likes should fix the problem of missing teams. Locking this.
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