How long and how often do you procrastinate?

How long do you procrastinate when you do?

  • Less than an hour

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • More than an hour

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • Maybe half a day?

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • About a day or more

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • I finish watching a whole TV series before I begin/work on my tasks and duties.

    Votes: 9 27.3%
  • Depends on tasks

    Votes: 9 27.3%

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Procrastination is defined as the delaying or putting off of certain objectives that require immediate attention.
Sometimes it's difficult to realize that the reward of freedom from assignments/tasks is more satisfactory than the momentary reward of (insert your guilty pleasure here).
Procrastinating can be caused by one's lack of
  1. knowledge of how to carry out task.
  2. priority for task.
  3. desire to do task.

So, how often do you procrastinate?
When you do, how long do you procrastinate? (< if you don't want to answer poll)
Basically all of my time on Smogon is procrastination in some way; I browse and lurk mostly these days on account of not actually having time to post. There's also the time I spend playing video games, which is inconsistent and depends on what I feel like playing. I actually have some problem in which I wind up completely ignoring something more often than waiting till the last minute. It's why I'm a pretty bad student even though I'm like the smartest in my class.

I'm also going to use this post as an opportunity to tell anyone that was planning on posting "i'll tell you later" that they are lame and not funny.
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So, how often do I procrastinate? Everyday, when I do web design, I may get bored and look at Youtube videos to make me laugh, or use bit torrents to download the latest pop, rock, dance, or electro music mp3 and mp4 files. When hours go by, I realized my day is about to be over... ._.

Well, I mainly spend time making commissions from affiliate marketing. CPA (cost per action) and ClickBank is all I have time for now. I can't wait for my advertising membership sites to have 50,000+ users each. Right now, there at twenty thousand members a piece. I actually want to save money make a mobile video game. It will be similar to Pokemon, but more mature. Have anyone heard of Apple Metal's technology? Google's Mantle and Microsoft's DirectX? I would like to use those.

When I check out an expired domain name website I see that I like someone has dropped the few years. It has thousands of backlinks and unique visitors. I may procrastinate to music, videos and Pokemon. Then I come back, the website has already been claimed, darn it.

When you do, how long do I procrastinate? Two hours a day and that is not a good thing. I need to decrease to one hour starting next week. I need to make a list:

1. 30 minutes of downloading music and video from bit torrent, file sharing or cloud base networks.
2. 1 hour of web designing related to content, and email marketing.
3. 1 hour of advertising with seo, affiliate, social media, mobile ads, display, search engine ads, referrals, native ads. (not all of them in one day)
4. 30 minutes of Youtube, Wikipedia, and Pokemon research.
5. Go home, relax, and hear my music in my sleep all day.
I'm pretty sure about 90% of my day is filled with being as unproductive as possible. I'm at work right now doing exactly that.


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It's basically all I do; ask anyone in CAP ASB. But procrastination is not one of the seven deadly sins (and no, sloth is not the same as procrastination)
I'm also going to use this post as an opportunity to tell anyone that was planning on posting "i'll tell you later" that they are lame and not funny.
Much appreciated.

I was procrastinating to make this thread.

Usually, I don't procrastinate mainly because I watch Netflix/Hulu/otherstreamsites or teambuild while doing work.

I procrastinate when I'm doing calculus because half the time I can't summon the courage to ask the Math Clinic on campus to help me. I have the courage to ask the chem seniors, however……

no, sloth is not the same as procrastination
You're right; it isn't.
Procrastination can be putting more effort into something else, and not much effort into other important things.


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Technically I have been procrastinating on life for close to 5 months now so I'm probably ahead of you all.
I'll almost always out off homework assignments until after about two hours of relaxation, of the belief that I'll do better with my mind chill.

If I writing multiple short essays or something that's long, I'll take a short break in between each, usually listening to a song or checking to see forum updates.

If the task is something I enjoy, I'll never procrastinate and do it as soon as possible, but if I'm moderate on it I'll save it until later.
lol I've been procrastinating making a post in this thread, saw it and thought of my entire school life... but ya, i tend to wait until the day something is due and then the work (sometimes) starts getting done frantically when i'm nice n inspired by a heaping dose of severe pressure
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