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The SmogonU Youtube Channel is dedicated to videos covering competitive analysis and discussion of Pokemon. If you'd like to contribute, there are several different methods:

Completed Videos

Videos that have already been recorded and completed are a way for a single user to make contributions to the channel. We're interested in videos regarding anything competitive Pokemon or Smogon related. The process is very simple, and is an easy way to get involved with the channel. Just make the video, upload it to dropbox or mediafire, and message it to Ace Emerald and Zodiax for review! If you want to make videos, but don't know how, feel free to message me for help!

Smogcasts are the way to contribute for users that want to have a specific, live discussion on the channel. This system for running Smogcasts is fairly simple: the panels and topic of the cast will be made by users in the community. After the group of users has determined topic and panelists, they will message a proposal to Ace Emerald and SuperJOCKE. I will review and approve the content, while SuperJOCKE will handle the technical logistics of streaming. After approval and the setting of a time, the cast will go up!

Who can do a Smogcast:
Anyone can come to me with a planned Smogcast. Contributing in this manner is an option offered not only to users that have hosted many casts, but any user. This openness is balanced by the approval process, which will vary case by case. If a user who has hosted 5 absolutely fantastic Smogcasts comes to me with a plan, very little will be required to approve the cast. However, if a user with 5 posts comes to me, skype conversations and a detailed plan will be required at the least. The goal isn't to make it difficult to contribute, but just to ensure the cast will be successful. If anyone is interested in contributing, but doesn't think they have the qualifications but wants to contribute, contact Ace Emerald for help!

Smogcast Topics:
The topics for Smogcasts are wide open. They can be anything from "Discussion on Mega Charizard X" to "How to Use Bulky Offense in XY UU" to "History of the NU tier" to "Teambuilding Cast" to even stuff like "Art on Smogon," if there is interest in casting about it. Just like who can contribute, the topic of the cast is open.

How to Submit a Smogcast Plan:
This is the section for those who will host the casts. As previously stated, what we'll need for approval varies case by case, but the submission is going to be the same for everyone. All you need to do is assemble your panel, draft an idea, and send both of those things to Ace Emerald. We're not asking for a rigorous outline in the submissions, though we might require it for approval for users we're not familiar with. Just a few sentences with your topic and basic goals, and your panelists. I'll then respond with what else we want to approve it, which again will be just what we need to ensure the cast is successful.

Contributing Without Hosting:
This is how to contribute if you want to appear on a cast, but not host it or plan it. The host of the cast, the one who submits the plan to me, is responsible for their own panel and plan. However, there are some users that host somewhat frequently. I can talk to these users about adding you to their cast, and try to see where we can work you in. If there is interest, we always want to foster it!

Regular Programming

Regular Programs are shows that we air on a regular basis, featuring consistent hosts and a set premise. Examples of this are Route 1, our show for new players, and Victory Road, our show for veterans. Contributing to regular programming is a large commitment, and should not be taken lightly. However, if you have a passion for competitive Pokemon shows, even if you don't have the skill, contact Ace Emerald! We're willing to teach and help you, as long as you have the time and will to commit! As a note, the largest limiting factor to our regular programming is the number of Twitch streamers we have. If you have a powerful computer, we can teach you to stream and can almost guarantee you a spot.

Become a Streamer

Our program sorely needs more users able to stream live to Twitch. If you have a strong computer (at least 8 GB RAM) and would like to stream casts for others, message Ace Emerald! Participation in the casts is not necessary (and is almost impossible as our streamers cover many different topics)!
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I'm decent with video editing. If anyone has a clip that they don't know how to make heads or tails out of feel free to hit me up.
Hey! I just started a Youtube channel and was wondering. Is this Smogon channel one of these community channels where videos are made by anyone and everyone. If so I have quite a few videos I'd like to ask if i could post
Hey! I just started a Youtube channel and was wondering. Is this Smogon channel one of these community channels where videos are made by anyone and everyone. If so I have quite a few videos I'd like to ask if i could post
Can you PM me your youtube channel? I'd love to check it out, I also have one too :]

I have a YouTube Channel I would like to share with everyone. It would honestly be an honor to have some of the top Smogon players review my content! :] My channel welcomes everyone! :D Always open arms!
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