How to get your perfect Pokémon! XY (Non-Legendary)

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If you're on this website, you probably play Pokémon quite often. Don't you wish you could get your perfect Pokémon with perfect stats? Well, I will be teaching you how in this article.


First of all, plan out the Pokémon you would like to have. Figure what stats you need it to have perfect IVs in, what nature you want it to have, your desired egg moves, and what stats you will EV train it in.

If you're already familiar with IVs and EVs, then skip this paragraph.

IVs are a Pokémon's unique stats that they get when they hatch from an egg. After a Pokémon is born, you can't change them, so you have to influence them before they're born. IVs range from 0 to 31, and you can check your Pokémon's IVs with the IV judge in Kiloude City's Pokémon Center. If he says that these stats "can't be beat", it means the stat he mentioned is 31.
EVs are much easier to control. EVs are what your Pokémon earns when battling other Pokémon. Different Pokémon give different EVs. For example, a Magnemite gives 1 Sp. Atk. EV when defeated. Actually, it doesn't matter if the Pokémon actually participated in battle. If you have your Exp. Share on, all the Pokémon on your team will receive EVs from Bulbasaur, regardless of if they participated in battle or not. Every 4 EVs in a stat will add 1 base stat to your Pokémon. The maximum amount of EVs a Pokémon can have is 510. The maximum amount of EVs a Pokémon can have per stat is 255. Because 255 is not divisible by 4, it would be best if you only EV train up to 252 EVs per stat, otherwise, you will waste 3-6 EVs. You can spend the rest on another stat.

Next, you have to find the Pokémon's parents. You would need to get a Pokémon of that species with your desired nature. Once you have a Pokémon with your desired nature, you should give it an Everstone. The parent holding the Everstone will pass down it's nature. Next, breed the Pokémon and get yourself an offspring with your desired nature. OK, we're done with the nature. Now, depending on the gender of the Pokémon you got, you're going to want to find a female or a male Pokémon of the same egg group with IVs that you want in the Friend Safari. Pokémon caught in the Friend Safari will have at least 2 perfect IVs. Take your Pokémon to the IV judge in Kiloude City to figure what stats that Pokémon is perfect in. Next, once you've found a Pokémon with 2 desired IVs, breed it with your Pokémon that has the perfect nature. Give the Pokémon with the desired nature an Everstone, and the Pokémon with the perfect IVs a Destiny Knot. The Destiny Knot ensures that the offspring will have at least 5 IVs that were passed down from either parent. Breed and check with the Judge in Kiloude City until you get a Pokémon with the 2 perfect IVs from one parent, and the nature from the other. Repeat this process until you get a Pokémon with all your desired IVs and nature.

Once you're done that, you can start breeding for your Pokémon's ability. If your Pokémon already has the ability you want, great! You can skip this part. If it doesn't read on to find out how to get an offspring to have it's hidden ability. You need the mother to have the hidden ability for it to pass down. You should have the Pokémon with your desired IVs and nature be the father, and give him the Everstone. Then, give the Pokémon with your desired ability the Destiny Knot. Next, begin breeding until you get a Pokémon that has your desired ability, nature, and IVs.


When you're done breeding, time to EV train! Pick 2 primary stats you want to EV train in, and 1 secondary stat that you'll EV train for 4-6 EVs. You can EV train with Super Training, or you can EV train the old-fashion way by battling.

Super Training

When you're Super Training, complete the super training regimens for two of your Pokémon's stats until it becomes a "Fully Trained Pokémon".


When you're battling give your Pokémon a Macho Brace and turn on your Exp. Share. The Macho Brace doubles the amount of EVs you receive per battle. You could also get Pokérus. Pokérus will also double your EV amount. These effects can stack on each other. If your Pokémon has a Macho Brace and Pokérus, then it will get 4x the EVs it would usually get. Get one of your fully trained Pokémon in the front of you party. Now, figure out what Pokémon you want to EV train with.

HP: Caterpie in Santalune Forest (1 HP EV per Caterpie) /Gulpin Hordes on Route 5 (1 HP EV per Gulpin)
Atk: Ekans on Route 14 (1 Atk. EV per Ekans) /Weepinbell Hordes on Route 19 (2 Atk. EVs per Weepinbell)
Def: Geodude on Route 18 (1 Def. EV per Geodude) /Durant Hordes in Terminus Cave (2 Atk. EVs per Durant)
Sp. Atk: Sigilyph on Route 10 (2 Sp. Atk. EVs per Sigilyph) /Vanillite Hordes in Frost Cavern (1 Sp. Atk. EV per Vanillite)
Sp. Def: Flabébé on Route 7 (1 Sp. Def. EV per Flabébé) /Hoppip Hordes on Route 7 (1 Sp. Def. EV per Hoppip)
Speed: Zubat in Connecting Cave (1 Spd. EV per Zubat) /Murkrow Hordes on Route 16 (1 Spd EV per Murkrow)

Make sure to be careful be Exp. Share will spread EVs to all of your party Pokémon, so make sure to run away from Pokémon that don't give you're desired EVs.
If you mess up, use a Reset Bag. They can be found quite commonly in Core Training.

Now, go to the Name Rater and give your Pokémon a nickname. (If you want)


Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


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