How to import your teams from Pokemon Online to Pokemon Showdown.

People keep asking how to import teams from Pokemon Online to Pokemon Showdown so I figured I'd make a little guide. If you have any suggestions to make this guide any better let me know.

Step 1: Open up Pokemon Online and select Teambuilder.

Step 2: Click the Export button.

Step 3: A box like this should pop up. Highlight the text then right click to copy it.

Step 4: Log into Pokemon Showdown and select Teambuilder. You should see an Import from PO button below your teams, click it.

Step 5: An empty box should appear right click and paste your team here.

Step 6: Click the SAVE button and your team should appear.

Enjoy playing on Pokemon Showdown with your Pokemon Online teams.
This is a more in-depth version of the quick sentence in the FAQ, and even if the exact sentence in the FAQ was given to some of the people who ask about it, they wouldn't get it without a more in-depth explanation. Like this.


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^ i agree that this should be kept. some people actually don't even know how to export their teams from PO (they probably just never had to), never mind importing them into PS. linking here is a lot easier than explaining it and it answers the question in a single link
Thanks for the feedback. Like I said in the OP I noticed a lot of people asking about importing from PO and I figured rather then keep explaining it in chat it would be easier to just link them to this guide. If I have time tomorrow I might add something about ways to move your PS teams to different computers or mobile devices.


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Kind of sad how surprisingly necessary this is...
Anyways, bookmarking because i don't know how to build a team so I can link it to people. Thank you!

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