How you would fix and/or balance the metagame for the next generation, and why?

Arcanine is still used. A lot more than Flareon. And Flareon is not Arcanine. It has 110 base SDef and no Spd. If it weren't Fire type it could tank with WoW.
Replacing Fire Fang with Flare Blitz in the Choice Band moveset would still be horrible:

Quick Attack / Rock Smash
Flare Blitz
Iron Tail

The double powder could work, but it'd still be inferior than Arcanine IMO. Even with 20 more base attack.

And Arcanine does in the physical side better than Flareon does in the special side thanks to Intimidate. (Even giving Flareon 252 HP EVs and Arcanine 6 HP EVs)
Flareon's movepool is still too horrible to salvage with just Flare Blitz. It needs Stone Edge and maybe Crunch in there too =\
I would make all the sucky guys (Flareon, Farfetched, Banette, etc) better. I would improve Empoleon and the Regis for more special walls, and I would add Rapid Spinners. Boost Poison, weaken Steel. I'll edit in more later.
weaken steel how if anything it needs better SE hits because currently it it overlaps with fighting and ground in SE hits
A corollary to Mekkah's suggestion of starting afresh is that rather than let Nintendo do the retinkering. Given that Smogon has begun "Create-A-Pokemon," we should have the capabilities to create our own Smogon generation with superior balance to whatever Nintendo is capable of.

What I would like to do with it. Of course, Syclant is going to be hard to balance, but we can still go back and change anything on it if we find it broken. Syclant was made to fit the current metagame, the Pokemon we are currently working on seems to be something that would work in any metagame, without being over powering.

Basically, I really like the idea of a completely competitive, yet completely balanced (aka every Pokemon has at least one sure fire counter out of a pool of 60) generation / metagame.
oh my god what have i done! this thread is a baw-fest. as to the light type, did you not read about my two types? they are dope as all, and they arent part of the western hierarchy of good and evil. soul and synthetic - it even factored in poison which we wanted buffed. As to more evolutions and buffs for ones that already got a wussy 3rd form i say HELLZ YEA. as to fixing IVs so people can do it without hacking i agree 100%, but i sorta lol'd at a lot of ideas on this thread. there is so much stuff that is lol'able here but it is far outweighed by the good ideas (ever person with lol factor had plenty of good ideas) as to 600s they arent THAT bad but i think that they shouldnt make attack stats over a certain level on some of these 600s. I cant think of a single 600 i cant beat people senseless with - even shaymin. they should nerf some stuff and buff other stuff stat wise so they all have a similar mix and balance. UU OU and BL mix, a bit unbalanced if you consider smeargle and friends but all in all itd be a SERIOUSly crazy metagame. If they gave smeargle an evolution OHHHHH god. I noticed a lot of these ideas i mentioned already in my long original post like rapid spin, dragons, and poison. keep posting! moar!
please consider all of my ideas for the next create a pokemon poll! Also we need to get a translator in here. if you remember for d/p they had feedback on the japanese forum for previous game's design (its where garchomp came from Q_Q) syclant is cool but its movepool is WAY messed up, it would be garchomp 2. I personaly think all 600s should have 10 subracted from every stat, and all 480 UUs should have 10 added to each not necesarily 10 exactly but with a proper dispersion to make it fair (froslass with 5 more speed and a bit more SA would then be like OHHHH MAN dead ghosts and dragons everywhere)

we could totaly get syclant and maybe my fighting / ghost sweeper (seriously fighting / ghost phys sweeper is LONG overdue it would rock the foundation against 80% of all walls as well as stealth rock immunity of syclant) involved as with a few others and PLEAD with game freak to add them to the game. Id be like "ill invest in your company if you just take my ideas" Seriously though - compare this to world of warcraft. As disgusting as the time and money consuming pig of a game is, WoW spends millions of dollars more balancing it and they onlyhave 9 or so classes (we have 493). its such a monster of a game, it just gets bigger and bigger.


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I can already picture another Dragon in the 600 Base Stat Total. Special version of Garchomp with some rediculous move that's like Dragon Dance, only it's for Satk and Speed.

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maybe I just misunderstood
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I can already picture another Dragon in the 600 Base Stat Total. Special version of Garchomp with some rediculous move that's like Dragon Dance, only it's for Satk and Speed.
no it will have nasty plot, and enough sp. attack to 1ko bliss with draco metior after a nasty plot. or it will be dragon/fighting so bliss dies anyway.
Mekkah's suggestion is interesting, but I'm sort of conflicted about it.

I'm still relatively new to playing Pokemon competitively; I only started paying attention at the end of R/S/E. I've been around for all of D/P though and what I've had to come to terms with after my initial excitement about the game and what I thought it would do for competition is the fact that Nintendo doesn't want us to compete this way in Pokemon. They really don't. The game is not designed for us. This is in stark contrast to other games that are played competitively, like Street Fighter, where the designers go so far out of their way to optimize things for competition that they constantly rerelease the games with updates and fixes.

Nintendo hides IVs and EVs from us. Even after we go through the obnoxious process of finding them, we have to go through the even more obnoxious process of breeding for them. I gave up a long time ago on this because it just wasn't worth it for a game that wasn't designed to be played competitively in the first place. I still play on Shoddy, but I've become rather disillusioned with the game.

The way that Pokemon is meant to be played is obviously this: you're supposed to pick the Pokemon you like, level them up, and just kind of see how they do against others. In fact I expect that EVs and IVs were introduced solely to enhance the game in this aspect, and to make it so that two of the same Pokemon at level 100 would be more different.

The really interesting thing is that in a strange way I almost like this. The feel of Pokemon is very much in tune with this method of approaching the game. You know, the whole catch your Pokemon and love them and train them to the best they can be type thing, as opposed to inbreeding endless chains of them and throwing away all the ones that aren't the best.

In the end, I don't think every Pokemon needs to be viable. I don't think restarting the game is really necessary; keeping all the existing Pokemon and adding more means that the game feels more "real" every generation, meaning the world becomes more and more densely populated with Pokemon and the sense of adventure increases when playing the game. (There's huge potential for a Pokemon MMO, incidentally, but don't even get me started...) I am really quite fine with having only a small percentage of them be OU viable. It makes sense, and honestly it would be too much work to play in a metagame where 500+ Pokemon could be used. I would like to see the biggest issues removed, and I do think that is entirely possible.
As a team of 6 becomes unable to counter everything thrown at it with the introduction of new Pokemon every generation, we should consider that perhaps this is because the game is headed in the 3v3 direction, considering that's Nintendo's standard ruleset. While Nintendo doesn't always know what's best for competitive battling, they have introduced clauses and bans similar to what we use so maybe they are taking the competitive metagame into consideration- just not for 6v6.

I know people hate change but 3v3 has a lot less stall, residual damage and Blissey which are good things. A best of 3 matches would balance out the tendency for hax to decide battles.

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