Tournament HPL 3 Finals [Won by Ruiners]

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Okay it's time to predict cuz yes. SS OU: Greentea570 VS TDNT: I like to drink green tea + Johning is UwU
SS OU: Alkione VS airfare: Not very noisy smh
SS LC: RaJ.Shoot VS Cat food and : Shoot em all'
SS Ubers: Rhmsitb VS Raph369: Rhmsitb baccho ko troll karna band kardo warna haroge
SS Monotype: sasha VS memedose46 : better memes for the win
SS 1v1: Baleblaze VS Raj 00 : BALE THE BLAZE
SS Random Battles: Premmmm VS Piyush25: New player piyush will hax through superior and better player prem
Nat Dex AG: MTB VS Swas : Better weeb wins.

Please feel free to prove these predicts wrong and good luck to both teams!

The accuracy
we finally got our win. This was an amazing season for us,being undefeated for the whole tour. Thanks to every team for the games and everyone who supported us. Special shoutouts to iron fists and chandelures for the amazing and close semis and finals sets. aand not making this post long whatsoever we won woo
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