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wont have any tryout servers open but very much will be accepting tryouts dm me on smogon or either discord tdr._.
send replays, achievements and basically whatever you think will help you get in, i'll be replying to every tryout, hoping to have a great tour!

edit - tryouts are still open reach me out if you want to be a part of the Staraptors

Thanks A-drago destroyer for the logo, you're a goat and flareblitzkreig for the inspiration behind it and ofc King Leo V for the permissions to use the franchise.
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Edit: Thanks to b-torterra for the amazing logo, loved it <3

Start the Whistle bois and girls, as the wait is over!!!

I am excited to announce that my team will be CSK (Chennai Super Kingambits) this season :blobwizard:

Not gonna have a tryout server, but feel free to hit me up in discord (xmystery_07) and or in PS (ashbala99) for any tier (except randbats) u wish to tryout for!!

Will be excited to battle new, young and dynamite players :psyglad:

Once again,
CSK ku periya Whistle adinga!!!



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