Gen 3 Hungry for Birds? Guts Regirock team + Crocune

Hello, welcome to another Guts RMT (3 Pokemon BL or below). Just a note, I didn’t nickname any of the pokes while laddering, because I view them simply as tools through which I can achieve my goals, but I have nicknamed them for the paste because its funny.

The goal of this team is to cripple the opponents team enough that Crocune can sweep, and its honestly pretty decent at that.

First up, the lead is curse Regirock. TMKS (This Machine Kills Skarmorys) matches up pretty well against most of the top meta game leads. Nothing can OHKO without a crit, and often you can manage to curse, chip something pretty heavily, and explode on something else. Most often the opp will switch to Skarm, which gets very sad when you Focus Punch on a spike, or Swampert, to which Sceptile is the dedicated switch-in. If the opp lead is a Metagross, Starmie can generally switch in, TWave, and recover to put you in a pretty good position. If the opponent leads with a sleep setter you have:

Second is a support Dragonite: TMKN (This Machine Kills Ninjask). It has two jobs: roar Ninjask, and Heal Bell if Regirock is put to sleep turn 1. It can also wake up Crocune in a pinch, or spread paralysis, but he doesn’t do that much. HPFly just because it can be marginally helpful for grass and fighting types. This is my least favorite part of the team, but if you don’t have something to deal with Ninjask and Smeargle, you’re going to get clowned low ladder. Your BL options for this are HB Dragonite, Steelix, Zangoose, Xatu (synchronize toxic), Crobat and Weezing. Dragonite’s Heal Bell and (plus the free turn against Dug) feels like the best fit for this team, but I’ll probably try Zangoose at some point.

Third, and the last BL mon, is Sceptile. You may choose to believe that its name stands for, 『 The Powers That Be 』, because this moron will win games out of nowhere. I almost feel bad for using Sceptile, and I got sprinkled with bit of salt over Leaf Blade crits. Maybe Sceptile’s real power is tilting people with fast subseed, which I understand, because it’s annoying. Regardless, Gul Macet is a notorious war criminal throughout Federation space, and Sceptile is probably the best Swampert check that’s BL or below, so what are you gonna do. Regirock desperately needs support to handle Swampert, and probably Celebi would be better, but I can only play so many garbage Guts teams hanging on a thread with Celebi support. People also leave Mence out on Sceptile for some reason, getting some juicy MLG HPIce snipes that I will edit into a montage with the COD hitmark sound effect, netting me a sweet 50 views on YouTube.

CRCN is Crocune. You know what he does. He wins games. EVs are to make progress against Blissey while RestTalking while keeping some physical bulk, and because the sliders kind of look like the Millennium Falcon if you squint. Anyway the whole point of the team is to get this guy to win, so switch him in if you think he can win. Bulky Starmie paired alongside him dazes and confuses the enemy. Two bulky waters? In my game? Its more likely than you may think.

NOPE (Not Of Planet Earth) is speed control. Bulky Starmie can theoretically switch into most physical attackers and TWave. Regirock generally takes care of the spiker pretty early, so you could maybe run something with more offensive presence, but Starmie gets the job done. This team does have problems with grass types (read: Celebi) and water types if you can’t maneuver Sceptile into a good spot, so maybe Zapdos could work well.

4kHD Metagross is the rock-resist, Blissey hater, and BOOM man. Helps to trade down if you need something bulky gone. If their Gengar is dead, just Boom. I put zero thought into this pokemon, including his EVs, moves, or inclusion in the team. I just think Metagross is the best pokemon in the tier. Gets flatted by Mag, so if you don't like me, put Mag on your team.

Topped out around 1450 and that’s good enough for me. This team is probably bad but Crocune wins games
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