I Am The Mafia - Game Over [Village wins]

Without further ado, here is the forums link:


You will be sent your alias and role PM soon, so stay tuned.

You are required to read the rules thread. There is one important rule change that is not like in any previous games, so I will be repeating it here.

"9. Be careful what you claim. Role Names and Alliances have a great importance in this game as either one of them is required to kill an Alias."

Yes, all killing roles in this game are required to input both an Alias and one of Role Name and Alliance to successfully perform a kill.

So claiming to a "village leader" and pasting your role PM might not be the best course of action. It is up to you how you behave, however.

Lynches are not affected by this rule change, they still behave like they always did.

Send night actions to both Buena Vista Social Club (me) and Funeral (LightWolf), please.


1. Accent
2. b. abato
3. billymills
4. blue_light
5. crab nebula
6. Earthworm
7. Eo
8. Fishin
9. Flounder
10. Gmax
11. GTS
12. imperfectluck
13. Jackal -> jumpluff
14. Jedil
15. Jimbo
16. Kumar
17. Mekkah
18. moi -> LonelyNess
19. Outlaw
20. pookar
21. porygon3
22. shade
23. Thorns
24. thunda
25. twash
26. umbreon_dan

May the gig begin.
Cool flavor!

Anyway, Fishin* and me agreed on some sort of plan de

Village inspector claims here, inspects some alias. If it's a villager, he posts it here, the bodyguard protects the inspector or the newly cleaned guy. From there we have a 1-2 base to gather village claims on, prolly better on the inspector.

If it's a mafia, we just lynch it.

* I'm not implying I'm 100% that Fishin is clean!
hello village

We're taking out this guy, baked beans, according to my sources he is definitely not with the Association of Independent Music (or Unsigned). If you want more info, just get a majority on him!

ice ice baby ice ice
I believe this is the longest IPL has ever gone in a mafia game without giving his alias out to damn near everyone.

EDIT: Unless he's lynching himself, which would not surprise me.


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ipl if you could just pm me your alias and approximately how long it would take you to drive to toronto that would be great
Also, if you (inspector/alliance checker) finds out a villager, do not post the alias name here unless you think he is important enough (or in immediate danger of being killed at night) to be protected by the bodyguard. The reason being, you do not want to give mafia free targets.


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<dak> LonelyNess
<dak> answer me
<dak> would you like to be subbed in to I am the Mafia
<LonelyNess> This isn't some trick to sub me in as I'm going to be night killed is it?
<dak> no
<dak> i figured i would give the man i just defeated in Megaman a chance to redeem himself
<LonelyNess> err... ok then
<LonelyNess> I'll play I guess.


October 17th, 2009 - The day hell froze over / pigs flew / dak invited LN to play in a mafia.
Shall we stop being disorganized and start doing business with this Corleone man?

I have a pretty weak role that I doubt is going to matter, but I can prove it if you give me an alias to target. I am willing to submit my alias for inspection, but then I would also like it protected in case some mafioso tries to kill me off.

I'm not asking for claims, I just want to hear villager talk.


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