i draw sometimes!!

o-okay i'm new here and i am a bit shy so bear with me here

hello i'm shilly i'm 16 and i like to draw thing??? yeah

i post most of my art on my tumblr so a lot of this stuff you'll already see on there but w/e

i DO NOT take requests, trades or commissions at the moment!!! i pretty much just. draw for myself hehe

posting from oldest to newest pieces so far!!!

pokemon fusion thing (5/25/13)

quick xerneas painting (5/16/13)

mothman furry (5/4/13)

reshiram painting (4/26/13)

my pakistan hetalia oc (i like hetalia shhhh) (4/24/13)

my friend's digimon oc, kaimon (4/22/13)

mewtwo's new forme!!!! (4/7/13)

my own stylization of baphomet (3/31/13)

fladramon!! (3/3/13)

ivypool from the warriors book series (2/8/13)

wargrowlmon (1/30/13)

my digimon oc, cavallomon (1/19/13)

luna, madrone and keith, three ocs from my upcoming animation, trio (1/12/13)

and that's all for now!! updates will come when i manage to crap out a new drawing orz
Lots of rad stuff, haha. Consider me a fan. I feel like that Reshiram in particular has an awesome pose, and I'm digging the forms and expressions of your stuff across the board.

I hope you'll stick around and continue to share your work with us :)


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Don't you know it's rude to show DIGIMON drawings in a POKEMON forum? lol

jk, you're doin' well for being 16 =)


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Props for having the guts for posting very slightly furry stuff here in addition. How you draw/paint things is pretty great notwithstanding, especially for someone at a busy age such like yourself!

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