i have no mouth and i must coof - a walrus


Banned deucer.
hey. i said i was gonna finish the last one. i lied. heres a new one while we are all locked up with no place to go.

my taste = its good

dont submit any artists on my 3x3s

category 1 = boomer
submit a dad rock song

examples = boston - more than a feeling

category 2 = zoomer
submit a zoomercore song

examples = 100 gecs - money machine
= billie eillish songs


category 3 = doomer
submit a song that makes you so sad that you want to die

examples = bomb the music industry! - stand there until youre sober


category 4 = coomer
submit a sexy song

examples = ariana grande - love me harder


category 5 = bloomer
submit a life affirming song

examples = kidz bop - old town road


category 6 - consoomer
submit a song from a movie

examples = jungle book = i wanna be like you


category 7 = coofer
submit a song about being sick or that conveys the feeling of being sick

examples = disturbed - down with da sickness (EPIC song)


category 8 = wrestling theme-oomer
submit the song that would accompany you on the ring to a big wrestling match

examples = the prodigy - breathe

ok thats it. signups will end on america day
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