I made an egg calculator for breeding.

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I'll edit this post shortly.

EDIT-- Huh it seems abilities aren't being taken into account.

EDIT2-- Well ok, I like the idea, but it is a *bit* confusing as of now. I think it would be better if you changed "Desirable" to "31", "Don't Care" to "X" and "Not Desirable" to "Non-31". It would be much easier to read this way.

It seems the parents' IVs are also bugged, as changing one or all of them to "Not Desirable" doesn't change a thing, with or without Destiny Knot. Everstone doesn't work either. Basically, I12/I13 are all wrong somehow.

EDIT3-- I'm also pretty sure Power Items shouldn't be mere "I don't care" options. As far as I know, they aren't independently inherited, so a Power Anklet male with a Destiny Knot female would always produce offspring with the male's Speed and the other four IVs from both parents (or alternatively, both parents holding Power Items would have each a 50% chance of passing down their IV).

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...I hope I'm not the only one who didn't understand this post at all ?__?
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