I need Smogon's help to beat a local 9 year old

I haven't played Pokemon competitively for 7 years.
However recently I've began tutoring a man in the neighbourhood and his son plays Pokemon. Everytime I go over to teach the son challenges me to a Pokemon battle afterwards and I always lose. The only rules he has is 'no legendaries' and as a responsible adult I feel like I need to crush his dreams.

Please build me an SV team with no legendaries that will kick his little smarmy ass. This is very important and I am a responsible adult thanks for asking.

Assist prankster liepard can revive fainted teammates with priority 64 times as the only move that can be called is revival blessing, indeede is to stop faster priority like dragonites extreme speed by setting up psychic terrain, ditto forces progress with imposter and shedinja can wall other priority pokemon if you cant revive lele.

Make him suffer
what a good, usable, and obtainable team for pokemon scarlet violet

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