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Hello guys,
I had this idea two weeks ago of buying pokèmon black2 'cause I hadn't play pokèmon since I was 9 and there we are: "I want to be the greatest pokèmon trainer of the world, at least a good one".
Anyway I read about battling, OO, OU, B, team setting, and really, I was like @_@, a mix of confusion and excitement, but a question is messing up with my mind: where do I start? Which pokèmon can I start to train? If I train a legendary (Ubers) will anyone else play with me?
Please. Please. Please.
I need help. Who will share his knowledge with me?
t least I hope I posted in right section.

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No you didn't post in the right section but let me help you out. :)

This is a competitive pokemon community so you're in the right place to be Pokemon Master though lol.
but we usually do not play on cartridge unless it's friendlies, trading community and unofficial WiFi tournaments over at the WiFi subforums. If that's what is more to your liking head there.

If you want to get involved in the Competitive Scene, you'll need to know a few things.
  • All our battling takes place in online simulators like pokemonshowdown.
    • This is basically like WiFi battling, except that we can conveniently skip the training phase and just build a team of any Pokemon we like and play with anyone over the internet as long they are legal to use.
  • The "OU,Ubers" you are talking about are Tiers which is used to ensure that pokemon are fairly divided according to their usefulness and power levels to ensure every pokemon gets fair competitive use. Every tier is very unique and thus provides diverse experience to those looking for variety or willing to try out different Pokemon which may not necessarily be considered 'good' in higer tiers.
    • PS: All legendaries are not ubers, and all ubers are not legendaries. Tiering takes place independent of Pokemon's in-game status.
  • IF you are looking for a general idea of how the metagame works try watching some battles at Pokemon Showdown and interacting with the people there, oryou can also lurk about Metagames forums to get a general idea of how things work.
  • If you are looking for Assistance on building teams, you can always look up the Strategy Pokedex on the smogon site. If you want coaching/tutoring to learn about battling you can always try the Battling 101subforum and sign up for the next tutoring Round.
    • It's necessary to know about in-depth pokemon mechanics like EVs and IVs and bunch of other stuff if you want to get into competitive battling. Please be prepared to be heavily confused.
That's about all and I wish you the best of luck for what hopefully will be an exciting hobby and a journey for you.
Once again. Welcome to Smogon!
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