I won my first two "Amateur" MMA Fights

So basically this Saturday I went to this Darty where I saw these guys sparring. It was real light hearted Sparring and there was really no aggressive actions taking place.

We all starting talking about fighting while playing beer darts and I had mentioned thst im president of the MMA club here at the University. This lead a couple guys who both had positive amateur records to challenge me to a sparring session.

We swapped how much experience we had and we all agreed on that we would go 100% With pads, head gear, and mouth guards. I ran home and grabbed my mouth guard and we I started with the first Guy. He had a record of 2-0 and only just begun fighting.

I took him down with a fireman's carry and transitioned to an arm bar but he slipped out of it and out me in an ankle lock. I was incredibly nervous at this point as his lock was really tight I managed to get lose by punching him in his ribs a few times. We scrambled on the ground for a few minutes until I was able to throw legs in and choke him out.

The second lad was 5-1 and was much much better. I put him in a triangle and he slammed me on the ground a few times until I let him go. I was exhausted and I had no game plan so I had to find a way to get into guard position and squeeze his ribs with my legs. I was able to do this and he began to slowdown as he became more winded. Around the 10 minute mark he was exhausted and I managed to slip in an ankle lock where he eventually tapped.

Greatest fucking Saturday ever. I had so much fun with these guys and now im actually thinking about fighting at fight promotions. Do you guys think I should give it a shot and what questions do you have for me if you arent familiar with MMA?

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