If Smogon had a new mascot...


I did it again
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you can’t just slap a jynx face on anything and expect me to like it… or can you? hahaha jk that’s what I would joke about and say if you really could just slap a jynx face on anything and have me like it, but that’s definitely not the case

okay look, what if I did like the koffing with a jynx face? Then what? Does that prove your point? Fuck you man, no way, it’s just a one-off thing, there’s no way you can extrapolate anything from that, god it pisses me off when people think that they can get away with anything just because it’s jynx

Alright I’m going to bargain with you here for a sec, please don’t make this the new mascot. I worry what people will think of me if they know I endorse this image, like I’ll probably regret it and say “oh I should’ve never said I liked it in the first place.” Please please please do not make me the guy that is only associated with jynx mascots, I mean yeah you’re playing to your audience with this but I’d give anything for that not to happen

shit man this sucks. I’m all down in the dumps now over a simple jynx/koffing crossover, what’s wrong with me? is this what my life has really come to? God this sucks, I don’t like the image and I never have. I’d be so much less depressed if there were a different mascot other than the one suggested

…alright fine, I like the image

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