If You Think Blaziken is Uber, You are a FRAUD!

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I love Pokemon. I play Pokemon competitively, hoping for some VGC players. It was singles. I have to preach the truth. Why would you ever subject yourself to playing "StG" (Switch the Game, btw, for all those non-acronym types), when you could be playing VGC (doubles), the official (also where you can actually win money) format?

Okay, I can understand the counter argument; some people prefer the singles style and mind-games. It's the only format where hazards are viable, okay; I'll play then. But then you mention PokeBank OU...

I would play singles, but how can you play a format where Blaziken is banned?

Do you people not understand how bad Speed Boost Blaziken is? Not ONLY is Focus Sash useless because, at best, he'll get off TWO MOVES (or one if one of the many mons that OHKO him decide to #yoloswag attack and bring him down to his sash), but he's so LINEAR. There are, at best, two sets you can run, and because this is SMOGON, we're gonna run 252/252/4 and be inefficient and get OHKO'd by everything.

Smogon's reasoning for banning this baddie is that he forces people to bring something to stop him or that he can sit at +1 Speed and +2 Attack for free. PLEASE tell me why that matters when the Smogon Special LO Speed Boost Blaziken with 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe gets bodied by everything and you don't actually have to have a "counter" on your team. Just bringing some popular Pokemon in Smogon's "OU" tier and you've effectively stopped Blaziken free. In a metagame full of Azumarill, Togekiss, Talonflame, and even Tyranitar (with an item to help him, of course, but you don't need to slap a Sash or Chople Berry on him just for Blaziken), I can't see this Pokemon being banned.

And Mega Blaziken? PLEASE. Even with the Attack and Speed boost you're wasting a mega slot on him because he's still made of paper and gets bopped by TWave, priority, TR, and giant hippos that generate sand storms. AND DIGGERSBY THO?! THAT MAN SLAPS THE **** OUT OF HIM BEFORE HE GETS +2 ATK. ALL YOU NEED IS A FOCUS SASH OR SCARF. LET ME BREAK THIS DOWN FOR YOU:

0- Atk Huge Power (DIGGERSBY) Earthquake vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Blaziken: 324-384 (107.28 - 127.15%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Even with a negative Atk nature, this man OHKO's standard Blaziken.

Now, I'm not saying Speed Boost Blaziken is free. Nah, he's a solid mon. But he is, in NO WAY, good enough to be put in an arbitrary "Uber" tier list. There are too many ways to stop him and any well-built team will have the means to stop him even if they don't take him into consideration when building. I think Mega Mawhile and Mega Kangaskhan are bigger threats than Mega Blaziken.

And while I'm at it, Mega Gengar is also not good enough to be banned.
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