I'm stalling on sunshine!

Which do you think is Tropius's best ability? (just for fun!)

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So, sun stalling in any of the lower tiers, but especially NU is generally frowned upon. Well I aimed to change that, showing people playing on the ladder that it can be used effectively, as I see it a very unique prospect. (Jeez, I sound like I'm in a business meeting or something :P). Let's cut to the chase, sun stall is practically never done in NU, even though it can be used effectively, as I will show you now! So without further budew (I really need a new pun) ONTO THE POKEMON!

The sun setters

Torkoal @ Heat rock
Ability: Shell armor
- Sunny day
- Stealth rock
- Rapid spin
- Fire blast
252 HP/ 252 speed/ 4 special attack
Nature: Bold

Torkoal is generally my main lead, being able to set rocks, spin them away if needed and then set up sun. Fire blast is there because so many people underestimate torkoal's gigantic defense and bring in some physical attackers to try and get rid of it, like braviary, thinking that it should be a solid 2HKO and fire blast will not hit braviary too hard back. Well a STAB sun-boosted fire blast is taking down braviary off of a base 85 Special attack!

Regirock @ Heat rock
Ability: Clear body (I know he's a rock)
- Sunny day
- Rock slide
- Drain punch
- Fire punch
252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 special defense
Nature: Adamant

Now, where does it say that a pokemon helping a whole team can't hit hard itself? Well this guy is my lead if the opponent's lead will clearly be walled by this guy. I also bring him in on obvious custap berry explosions from gigalith or golem since.. well, he survives with health to spare. Fire punch for being boosted by the sun, but with the heat rock the sun should be left over if he does go on a mini-sweep ready for torkoal or exeggutor to later come in.

The stall-breaker

Tropius @ Sitrus berry
Ability: Harvest
- Toxic
- Protect
- Air slash
- Sunny day
252HP, 220 Special attack, 36 special defense
Nature: Modest

Ok, interesting EV spread here but air slash just does not hit hard enough. Basically this is for the pesky walls, the alomomolas that come in and wall exeggutor and vileplume. The harvester of the team and man does it do so well. It has an unlimited amount of sitrus berries due to harvest, and air slash is there to basically A) deal damage and B) Outspeed the slow walls and try to flinch them. Sunny day is on him to help with his toxic stalling, as out of sun-shine I could lose the coin flip twice in a row and achieve no sitrus berry. Protect also helps to consume the sitrus berries it is not able to consume on the same turn.. since.. well, it doesn't. Also since he will be coming in on several alomomola(s) he could get poisoned, which for a bit is actually pretty handy when he protects to eat the berry.

Weakness counter

Lampent @ Eviolite
Ability: Flash fire
-Shadow ball
-Pain split
248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
Nature: Calm mind

Recommended by Raseri, Lampent immediately showed worth on my team. It filled a large gap in my team that I needed to fill, and is actually a surprisingly good wall. I have not used it that much yet, so as of now that is the extent of my description. :D

Main wall

Vileplume @ leftovers
Ability: Chlorophyll
- Leech seed
- Sleep powder
- Giga drain
- Synthesis
252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 Specail Attack
Nature: Modest

This thing really does wall so bad. It saps so much HP away with the combination of leech seed and giga drain, and if the HP from those moves isn't quite enough, well then there is synthesis. Vileplume is good outside of sun too, admittedly better in sun, but I couldn't think of a single slot to replace for vileplume.

The.. offensive mon?

Exeggutor @ Heat rock
Ability: Chlorophyll
- SolarBeam
- Psychic
- Sunny day
- Hidden power fire
4HP, 252 Special attack, 252 speed
Nature: Modest

Ok, a fully-fledged stall team is admittedly pretty hard to come by in NU, I need one half-offensive pokemon to help with the team, although admittedly in some battles all he does is set up a long sun and then die :/. I could have gone with a harvest set, but it would be redundant with tropius around, and, basically chlorophyll is better.

Previous members:

Jumpluff @ Leftovers
Ability: Chlorophyll (whoever would have guessed!?)
-Sleep powder
-Seed bomb
-Swords dance
-Sunny day
252 Attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant

Jumpluff can set up and just rip teams apart. With a sunny day up it is out-sped by practically nothing, and the things it is outsped by it just puts to sleep as it survives a hit. Not much more to say here, it really is a basic set up and rape pokemon. Sleep powder can be handy for the stalling though, since sometimes a vileplume switch is the best option when the opponent is asleep to leech seed it.

Anyway, this is my team, rate it as you wish!
Hey celever, weather teams are always fun to see!

This team has huge huge huge issues with Fire-types, particularly ones with Fighting-type coverage moves. Magmar and Charizard can walk all over this team, you can't switch in at all! Your best line of defense, Regirock, is crushed by Focus Blast. Magmar gets special mention as a threat as you can't even sleep it with Jumpluff or Vileplume.

In order to combat your weakness to Fire-types, I believe that a Lampent could be added over Jumpluff. Jumpluff looks really out of place on this team, it has no synergy with the rest of the team, and is running an offensive set. Lampent will give you a wall that has good synergy with Vileplume, a spinblocker, a counter to Fire-types, and just an underrated wall in general.

The set that I believe would be best is:

Lampent @ Eviolite
Trait: Flash Fire
248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-Wisp
- Pain Split

Good luck with this team, I hope your idea works out! If you have any questions about why I'm suggesting Lampent just let me know!

Lampent > Jumpluff
Wow Raseri! That is a brilliant idea! I haven't tested it at all but I practically love it already! It fits right onto this team, and you were right about Charizard and Magmar too. I will have to test it before making him permanent of course, but thanks!

Edit: I've run into about 0 fire types in about 20 battles today, but lampent has already done more than Jumpluff ever did for the team. Oh man, thanks for this pokemon.


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Not much time to look at team, but gorebyss (especially if it can get off a shell smash) and special samrott with megahorn demolish this team once the sun is down, and can both easily take down your sun setters. I don't really know what you could do that would be consistent with your theme, but you could replace the tropius with SD Sawsbuck. You do not really have any physical attackers, which can be problematic. Sawsbuck can abuse chlorophyll while dealing with those 2 pokes. Ironically, Regice can deal with this team pretty well minus regirock and lampent to an extent. Rapidash can work very nicely with this team, possibly replacing vileplume or lampent. But, again, my changes would take away from the planned essence of a sun stall team, so I understand if my changes are not the direction you want to go!

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