I'm stepping down as Art Co-Leader


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This is not the result of a sudden event, and has instead been something that I've gradually come to accept. Don't have the same drive as when I first got the position, which coupled with less time to spend around this place means that my duties with this position become lacking as well. Thus, I prefer to step down myself to open up the slot for co-leadership instead of eventually having that decision made for me. LifeisDANK has already been my co-leader for this past year, so while I won't leave the community and can still be reached through the usual channels (read: Discord), she's now the head honcho and I'd like you all to continue to support her. Have so far been on Smogon for soon 8 years and the art community has changed quite a bit, not only regarding which people are active but also where most of the discussion takes place today, so I can only say that I've enjoyed this ride and the memories that resulted from it.

TL:DR - Not quitting, just relieving me of my responsibilities, so there's now once again an art co-leadership spot open for someone to fill through mortal combat if they have the interest and opportunity for it. Thanks for reading.


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Hey Bummer, your leadership has always been such a constant in the art community ever since I joined an eternity ago. And somehow, I was under the impression that it would last forever. :(

Your contributions and presence in these forums have always been very much appreciated, and I believe they significantly helped build the awesome art community we have today and its representation on the website. Smeargle's Studio might not be as active or prominent as many of the competitive subforums, but in my eyes it stands out with its great organization, approachable community and excellent reputation and integrity.

Many things have definitely changed throughout the years, and many old faces were replaced with new ones. I'm glad I was able to witness your golden days back during the Smog zine, where some of the most iconic Smogon artworks of all time were pumped out in a rate inconceivable for mere mortals. More recently, you decided to tackle the enormous project that is our Studio Hub and somehow managed to turn it into a very presentable and surprisingly complete resource and gallery. To this day, I enjoy browsing through all the older art from time to time.

I wish LifeisDANK all the best in her role as our sole overlord! She has definitely proven to be a very capable and dedicated art leader, and I'm sure the Studio will continue to flourish under her rule. :P


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Art Co-Leader
It's weird seeing you step down even though it's just a formality and you're still sticking around. Ever since i first started browsing the studio and just smogon in general, your presence in the forums was something i really admired, and the insane speed at which you handled everything art related for the smog especially completely blew me away, even though i was there to see only a bit of the best of those days.

Think it's fair to say that you shaped a big part of the community here, which makes being a part of it all the better. Glad to hear you'll still be around!
Well sorry to hear you haven't been having enough free time to do this but I just wanna use this opportunity to say good luck to the people who get nominated for the position and to whoever actually gets it


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i love you man, youve been an inspiration to me for five years and even dealt with me through the early teen bullshit. good luck with life

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