I'm Switch'n! Let's Go! ~ Inkblot's RNG abuse & Past Gen shop

Hello! I still have my fast ball and moon ball in my UM file. I'm planning on restarting my save file. So as not to waste them, can I ask if I can trade the mentioned balls for something in your collection? XD
CMT for something for that colored Pikachu shiny Pichu event okay Inkblot also I have a custom RNG request
Pokemon Species:Ralts
Gender :Female
Ability: HA Telepathy
Nature: any competitive nature
Egg Moves:
(Please ask/provide 4 when possible. 4 is best, do not contest!)
-Skill Swap
-Destiny Bond
-Misty Terrain
-Shadow Sneak
Pokeball: Dream ball
Nickname: no nickname this is important
Is Shiny?:yes
Gen to breed in:7
Your TSV: 0787 because if at all possible I would like to be able to hatch it shiny myself
If a clone of it isn't enough payment CMT for 1 proofed event or 2 unproofed events (some are off limits for services though) to go with the clone and would love RNG Proof to go with this Ralts will be providing DBHA Ralts (that you can keep) for this project
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Another Minor Update!

Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu & Eevee

Now that I have Nintendo Switch online & LGPE, I can now offer trades for those games
Due to the mechanics of the games, getting competitive mons & shines is easy enough that I will be getting them completely legit
This means I WILL NOT CLONE, RNG ABUSE, OR HACK IN ANYWAY in these games.
Due to me wanting to keep things as legit as possible, I only want Pokemon caught In the same manner.
If you are Interested in requesting a pokemon, feel free to ask! I will be happy to try and work out a fair trade!​
Pokemon: Koffing (if possible)
Nature: anything competitive
IVs: 6iv
Shiny: yes
Gender: female
Moves:anything competitive
This along with that gen 7 RNG request if you are up to it Inkblot (mentioning in case you don't see it without this)

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