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But I guess your wish has come true!

O hi.
You are probably wondering what I am going to give away, since this picture hasn't seen many people. (I guess...)
But if you do, that's right, it's Pokémon Channel Jirachi. Channel Jirachi is one of the two ways (iirc) to get with Body Slam. And, guess what, the Jirachi I am going to give away has Body Slam! And Mimic for the lulz! And, oh, it's not one, but there are two of them!​

Why did you started this Give Away with this kind of ''unique'' Pokémon?!
It was just another boring day at school and I couldn't wait to go to my boyfriend. To get to my boyfriend, I have to travel by train. I wanted to migrate these Jirachi's while I was sitting two hours in the train. Before I entered the central station, I noticed there where a lot of people just walking and asking about the busses. It was like an ant nest! I went straight to the station and BANG! Nobody could travel by train, because there was a interruption. And that happened on the biggest central station of the Netherlands. Now go, go taxidrivers!!! (They are lucky now as well.)
So I went back home by bus. I migrated the Jirachi's in the bus and I thought: ''I might start a Give Away with them, because I don't play competive anyway. They should shine in battle!''​

I don't care about your story, just tell me how these Jirachi's look like!

Serene Grace
21 / 25 / 24 / 14 / 19 / 27
Moves: Wish, Body Slam, Rest and Mimic.
ID: 40122​

Serene Grace
27 / 21 / 27 / 15 - 16 / 19 / 25
Moves: Wish, Body Slam, Rest and Mimic.
ID: 40122​

Wow, so how do I win?
As I may not be a competive player, I still want to EV train them. The problem is that I suck at thinking of a good EV spread for these kind of Pokémon. I want to hear from you a good EV spread for one or both of these Jirachi's. Also, you have to tell me why.

-I'll only trade one Adamant Jirachi and one Impish Jirachi.
-If you are a winner, you may choose which one you want.
-I will trade the Jirachi on 4th gen.
-I would appreciate it if you don't trade these Jirachi's to anyone else, thanks.
-Yes, I got these Jirachi's from my own Pokémon Channel game, one of the most easiest and dullest Pokémon game I've ever played. I can get multiple of different Jirachi's.​

All right, I hope I didn't broke any rule. Let the give away start!​

Unimportant notes:
-This is my first thread I started on Smogon.
-I have never thought I would ever start a Give Away.
-I've to switch from computer and internet cable to get on Wi Fi.
-My English isn't that good as it is not my native language.
I almost exclusively play GBU/VGC format now so this spread is in mind for Level 50's. Hopefully it's allowed for VGC 2013!

Adamant - 4 HP - 252 Atk - 236 Spe - 16 Def

With a Choice Scarf attached it can outspeed +Base 130's, as well as Max Speed Scarfed
Base 80's such as Chandelure and Togekiss. Remaining EVs are placed into Defense to give it more bulk. If you're concerned about Download Porygon and friends, an alternate spread of 4 HP - 236 Atk - 4 Def - 28 SpD - 236 Spe can be used.
I can totally see these Jirachis soaring in Wi-Fi OU. For the Adamant one, I could definitely see a spread of 88 HP/172 Atk/248 Speed. The speed allows it to outspeed Adamant Haxorus and several offensive variations of Suicune (if it uses HP Fire), as well as many Gliscor while the HP and ATK give it decent physical bulkiness and offense. This Jirachi could be used as a Choice Scarfer or a Choice Bander--or use Substitute and Body Slam, although in that case, I'd try a spread of 200 HP/60 Atk/248 Speed, so that it could maximize its staying power and chances of paralyzing, then Iron Head the opponent into KO range.

For the Impish, I see 252 HP/200 Defense/56 Speed. It might not have 101 Subs, but 400 HP still allows it to pass hefty wishes. The 56 speed gives it the speed tier a defensive pokemon like it would want to have--the extra speed compensating for the six points. The remaining points should definitely go in defense to suit its Impish nature. Overall, it'll play like a physically defensive version of specially defensive Jirachi. Certainly a nasty surprise for bulky, slow physical attackers like Scizor and Breloom.
Nice Giveaway and Jirachis :)

Adamant Jirachi Evs: 252 Hp / 252 Attack/ 6 Sp Def
Notes: 252 Attack evs with an Adamant Nature Hits Hard. 252 hp and 6 sp def evs for bulk. No Speed Evs are needed because Body Slam will Paralyze the opponent 60% of the time and Jirachi will outspeed it when it is paralyzed. With Iron Head and Body slam Paralyzing the opponent, the opponent will almost never move and Jirachi can keep on spamming Iron Heads!

Impish Jirachi EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 6 Sp Def
Notes: Defensive wall Jirachi. With 252 Hp and 252 def evs plus an Impish Nature, it can take physical attacks easily and wall the opponent. 6 Sp Def evs allow it to take some Special Attacks. No Speed Evs are needed because Body Slam will Paralyze the opponent 60% of the time and Jirachi will outspeed it when it is paralyzed. Jirachi can be partnered with Blissey to form a combination like Skarmbliss. Jirachi taking the physical attacks and paralyzing with Body Slam while Blissey takes the Special Attacks.
Amazing Jirachi's! :D

Impish EV Spreads:
200 HP/252 Atk/56 Spe
OR 220 HP/224 Atk/60 Spe

The first spread allows the perfect mix between Attack and Defence! Due to the 25 Speed IV's, 56 Speed EV's are required to out speed Jolly Tyranitar and Timid Magnezone. Attack is then maxed out with the rest invested in HP for bulk. Suggested set: Fire Punch/Body Slam/Iron Head/Your Choice. Alternatively, if you want to use a Wish set, use 252 HP/196 Atk/56 Spe for 200 HP Wishes. Suggested Set: Wish/Body Slam/Iron Head/Protect

The second spread is designed for use in Level 50 Battles. It allows Jirachi to make 51 HP Substitutes at Level 50 as Jirachi has 27 HP IV's. 60 Speed EV's are required to out speed Jolly Tyranitar and Timid Magnezone due to the 25 Speed IV's. Attack is then maxed out with the remaining EV's. Suggested Set: Substitute/Body Slam/Iron Head/Your Choice

Adamant EV Spread:
64 HP/252 Atk/192 Spe

This spread is designed to out speed all max EV'd neutral base 90's factoring in the 27 Speed IV's. The Attack is maxed out with the rest invested into HP to retain some bulk. After paralysis, Jirachi will out speed absolutely everything in the game. Suggested Moves: Fire Punch/Body Slam/Iron Head/Your Choice
Amazing giveaway.

For Adamant Jirachi : 252 Attack/252 Speed/ 4 HP
For an Adamant Jirachi, running any defensive set would be a waste. Instead, going max attack and speed will allow getting T-wave up first and spamming Iron Head for he maximum damage. This Jirachi does very well against stall pokemon that cannot KO Jirachi. Jirachi just sets up T-wave and starts using Iron Head for flinch hax.

For the Impish Jirachi: 252 HP/56 Speed/200 Def
This EV spread combined with the Sub + CM set will allow for maximum bulk on both sides while also out-speeding Defensive T-tar. You can then Sub and start to CM and fire powerful special attacks such as Thunder (on a rain team) and Flash Cannon/Water pulse(plus Serene Grace) to hit T-tar. Thunder's paralysis chance doubles to 60 % and so does Water Pulse's confusion chance to 20 %.
Adamant Jirachi

200 HP/252 attack/56 Def,SpDef,Speed speed@ Metal Coat/Normal Move Boosting Item/Choice Band/Lum Berry
Iron Head/Body Slam
Iron Head/Drain Punch/Wish/
Trick Room/Trick
Drain Punch/ Fire Punch/Ice Punch

The move boosting Items are for Iron Head and Body Slam if Trick is placed on Jirachi to trade with Choice Users to turn them into garbos. Drain Punch and Wish are to designated to reheal Jirachi and support the other kids in the fight. Trick and Trick Room
to mindf*** everyone after all the Pranksters are dead. 200 is to make bulk so Jirachi can survive some assaults.252 is for power/flinch spam.Speed is not necessarily due to Body Slam spamming and Trick Room. Fire/Ice Punch to respectively thumb other steels cough*Scizor,Ferro,Jirachi* and Pranksters.56 remaining EVs for defenses or speed with scarf to outrun base 361 speeds.

This was made for some Trick/Trick Room shuffling team
I am so jealous you hav that gamecube disc :x
Impish /leftys
252 hp/200 defense/56 attk
(bodyslam, fire punch, wish, iron head)
This defensive rachi main tactic is abuse its para-flinching. And to use wish to increase it's survial. The firepunch is to just to clear up steel pokes.

Adamant /leftys
84hp 174attack 252speed
(wish, iron head, bodyslam, uturn)
For the adamant Jirachi I would choose to put some HP investment for a bit of bulk. (I find with a bit of bulk it catchs people offguard, since it will be crippling pokes anyway with bodyslam and passing wish with u-turn) And max out the speed stat since Jirachi's 100 speed iv is deffently something to boost about.
All right, I want to stop this Give Away now. I'll let the two winners know about a few minutes/hours by editting this post. I'll also send them a PM. :) Thanks for participating!

edit: With the help of my boyfriend, I choose for Nicksor's Adamant spread and Sophies's Impish spread. They are the winners! I'll PM them right away. :)
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