Imas? more like Iquit!


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Eevee General said:
imas You've come a long way and I expect you to go even further. Keep it up.

For the last two years, the OM room and the forums has been a big part of my life. I have enjoyed my time here, spending unhealthy amounts of time doing forum related things since I got mods/submission access last gen or just lurking and chatting in the room since around a year before that. However, since around the start of gen7, where I had to leave home for a semester and had limited internet connection for 4 months, my activity has seen a sharp decrease. I've also felt my interest waning overtime, comparing my early days in OM vs the present, but I had planned to stay on until we had people who could replace me. Now, with the appointment of the two new mods (who are amazing and hardworking people), I think it's the perfect time for me to step down.

I'm sure OMs will be fine without me (seeing as how I barely did anything the last few months lol). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of people who are just getting involved with OMs this gen and never posted in submissions even knew I was a part of the moderation team. I am content with the work I did last gen and I hope I have not disappointed anyone in the community, especially EG and TI who have believed in me enough to trust me with mods, but this gen I've been so busy with Uni and irl in general, that I haven't been able to give time to my responsibilities here. I'm honestly pretty disappointed with my own level of contribution this gen. As such, I think it's best I step down instead of having a trail of inactivity and mediocrity be what I'm remembered for. I'm probably still going to be around PS sometimes but I'm stepping down from all my positions of responsibility in this section.

I'm going to skip out on doing individual shoutouts to the entire community like EG did because I suck at those things, I'm not the most emotional individual, and there's always the risk of leaving people out. Hopefully I've been able to be on good terms with everyone in the community because I've always tried to be. Also, if you're my b o i, you know ily :]

It honestly feels really weird writing this and officially moving on from this section after it being such a big part of my life and now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably why I didn't quit sooner. Thank you to everyone that has made my time here so great!

I should probably make sure at least the index is up to date before I get demoted though
Imas? more like I forbid you from leaving >:(

But in all seriousness, I think I speak for all of us when I say you were a pleasure to have in the chat, all the time, regardless of your contribution to it. I remember when you were room driver like it was yesterday. It's been a good run. Visit often please :3

There go dat boi, oh sht whaddup :C


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Imas sux. seriously though, it was a pleasure meeting you man, and its a shame to see you go, but we know we cant all be smogonites for the rest of our lives :P goodbye and good luck in your future endeavors.

(and i know having responsibility for OM room can be a pain sometimes jk jk luv u guise)
I've been having few contact with people on the OM Room on main as of lately, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten you. Shame to see you go man
Are you just stepping down so you have time to find out what happened to the numbers on your username imas234?


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I will miss you Sami. You were one of the few people that had faith in me when I got my start in OMs and I will never forget the day you voiced me. You won't be forgotten. Good luck with real life and feel free to stop by and chat whenever you can :)

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