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Approved Improve how !ds all displays

You can't broadcast a /ds command when you include all. Most people know this.
I suggest 2 changes to how this works, depending on how feasible it is:
1. Make all not be accounted for if the result is under 10. Basically, if all is redundant, the broadcast should go through. If that's feasible, that'd be great, if not, doesn't matter too much.
2. Make a broadcast using 'all' not get posted. There are few things more annoying than accidentally including all in your message and ending up with this in your chat, opposed to anything relevant or useful to the ongoing discussion. It also comes over spammy if you then correct your broadcast with the correct ('all'-less) command. In general it'd be much better, imo, if the site simply rejected your attempt to send this message, like it would when you use an unrecognized command, for example.
I have a third idea for an option for this.
If 'all' is put in the '!ds' command, allow a clickable button to show all. This button would be similar to if someone was hidetexted, you could click to not hide their messages or not. Or do this in general and get rid of all as an option, so that for every /ds command, if you're not happy with the 10 you're given instead of doing another command, just click the 'all' option.

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