In-Game Trainer Fight Club: Predicting battles

Something I've done recently was taking various in-game trainers and matching them up to see who would win. Specifically, I analyzed various Gym Leaders to see if their teams would be able to beat the next gym leader in line (I didn't check if the 8th Gym Leader of any gen could take on one or all of the Elite 4)

My verdict is that the only battle where it would be a clear win for the previous gym leader would be Jasmine vs. Pryce due to outleveling him and having a significant type advantage. Even in HG/SS where his Piloswine has Earthquake, the odds are against him (as he needs Jasmine's attacks to miss for a win). Still, there have been some significant close calls in DPP's battles (such has Platinum's Crasher Wake vs. Byron).

Here are the rules I established:
-Since it's supposed to test the teams against each other, it should not be about who spams more Full Restores. Thus, trainers will not be using their items in battle.
-Species, Levels, Moves and Held Items remain unchanged. IVs/DVs were maxed out and a neutral nature was assumed.
-As most in-game trainers tend not to switch their Pokémon, I assumed the leaders wouldn't, either. Upon switching out a fainted mon, however, I would choose the most favorable mon as the next one. Furthermore, they use the lead they always use.

Some more rules for other battles:
-If two trainers from different generations battle, take the mechanics of the more recent generation. The previous gen trainer won't get any changes to their team, but will still recieve benefits from newly found abilities, a physical/special split and so on.
-For Pokémon Adventures manga characters, they can be taken from any time period, with their generation being the one they're currently in. (Red would be Gen 1, for instance, but if we take him from the FR arc, he'd be Gen 3). Since their Pokémon do have levels and movesets, they are legit for this thread.

Here's a few battles I'd like to see:

-Champion bout: Bring out your Level 80s and such! We'll see who is the most powerful in-game trainer! Try and figure from the various matchups.
-When worlds collide: Have the player character cameos fight their manga counterparts! In this matchup, we'll assume that the manga character will have the team they had when they came across the place you'd fight them (e.g. in Manga Green vs. Game Blue, the former would have his team he used in the league challenge to fight Red).
-To the top: Which team can take on the Elite 4 and win? You'll be able to select any Gym Leader, Rival etc. you can encounter prior to fighting the Elite 4 (postgame trainers will fight the rematch E4, if available).

The Avalanches

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I came hoping this would be a thread about actual fights between in-game trainers, got disappointed.

In which case, my money's on AZ. That motherfucker is enormous.
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Seems cool. I'm gonna assume that trainers will always use the super effective move, unless they always use Spikes or SR

For this, I will be using their rematch teams.
Seeing as Hariyama and Relicanth would most likely take each other out, (Unless crit, Fake Out + Close Combat only gets Relicanth to 10%, and since Relicanth always goes for Yawn first (I'm pretty sure), Hariyama will be asleep by the time Carbink comes in, and Moonblast 2HKOs Hariyama.

Next, Hala will bring in Poliwrath, (since it's SE), and 2HKO Carbink with Waterfall, but be on ~60% HP after from the Moonblast.

Olivia will bring in Golem-Alola, and Poliwrath will outspeed with Waterfall, but faint from a Thunder Punch, Golem-A being left on ~50%.

Hala would then bring in Primeape, which would KO Golem-A with Stomping Tantrum.

Then, Olivia will bring in Probopass, which would live a Stomping Tantrum, hitting back with a Dazzling Gleam, which will get Primeape to ~50% HP, but would faint Primeape on the next turn.

Olivia would then bring in Lycanroc-Midnight, which would be OHKO'd by Cross Chop.

Hala wins 3-0

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Here's my analysis: Manga Red vs. Game Red

For this matchup, I'll use Game!Red's HG/SS team unchanged, while giving Manga!Red his six highest Pokémon - seems there's some canon in what moves are currently known (along with some filler if there's a lack of clarity):

Pika (Pikachu) - Level 88
Sassy Nature
-Volt Tackle
-Iron Tail

Saur (Venusaur) - Level 82
Gentle Nature
-Frenzy Plant
-Leech Seed*
-Sleep Powder*
-Vine Whip

Poli (Poliwrath) - Level 80
Brave Nature
-Focus Punch
-Water Gun
-Mind Reader
-Double Team

Snor (Snorlax) - Level 89
Impish Nature
-Belly Drum*

Gyara (Gyarados) - Level 84
Lonely Nature
-Hydro Pump
-Body Slam
-Hyper Beam

Aero (Aerodactyl) - Level 85
Hasty Nature
-Hyper Beam*
-Dragon Claw
-Take Down

*assumed move

Let the battle begin!

Both Pikachus will lead the battle. Unfortunately for Pika, it is outsped and OHKOed by Volt Tackle. At least Pikachu will have taken some serious damage. The most useful switch-in now would be Snor, who takes roughly half from Volt Tackle and finishes with Earthquake. Taking out Snor is gonna be tough as Game!Red has little options to properly damage Snorlax, which has rest. The best Chance Game!Red has is to intentionally wear down his Charizard with Flare Blitz so that he can take out Snor with a Blaze-Boosted Blast Burn. If Manga!Red choosed to attack on the wake-up turn, Snor will be very weakened and picked off by either Blastoise or Venusaur. In this case, I'll assume Charizard defeats Snorlax and then gets KOed by Poli's Focus Punch on the recharge turn. Game!Red sends out Venusaur, who outspeeds and OHKOes Poli with Frenzy Plant. Aero comes up next, hitting Venusaur with Dragon Claw followed by a Fly. Blastoise will then take a hit from Fly, unable to OHKO with any move other than Hydro Cannon. With Leech Seed + Sleep Powder, Saur can chip away with Vine Whip (it's one point slower than Blastoise) as the only move that threatens a 2HKO is Blizzard and it's shaky accuracy. Lapras comes in next, taking a huge hit from Frenzy Plant and KOing with a combo of Blizzard+Psychic (bypassing the former's low accuracy somewhat) or just one of the two if Saur took damage from Blastoise (it's slower). Gyara can now KO with Body Slam. Snorlax vs. Gyara will be fairly clear - Gyara can not 3HKO Snorlax with Body Slam (its other attacks are all weaker) and Crunch x2 + Giga Impact will defeat it.

Game!Red wins 1-0

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